Xpertly is one step ahead in the online learning space


Online learning is increasingly popular. But Xpertly was actually launched before the pandemic. The company therefore struggled to convince students that they could effectively learn English online. Learn about the company’s unconventional journey in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the company does

Teaches English.

Xpertly Co-CEO Nastassia Acevedo told Small Business Trends: “Our services include online English courses for all skill levels, focus improvement courses, exam preparation courses, conversation classes and professional writing services. “

Business niche

Tailor the learning experience to each student.

Acevedo has experience in teaching internationally. So she created a distinctive teaching method based on her ideas.

She adds, “Xpertly identifies your strengths and weaknesses and creates a personalized learning plan tailored to your needs. Your course is aligned with your goals and not with the collective merit of a group. Is learning online so you can learn synchronously? at your own pace and at your convenience.

How the business started

After teaching English all over the world.

Acevedo first taught English in New York City, then moved to Florida. It was there that she first met Co-CEO and Commercial Director Daniel Da Silva and started teaching English online.

Soon after, they moved to Cascais, Portugal. And Acevedo had the opportunity to travel the country teaching in high schools. She noticed role models that could bridge the gap between the classroom and online learning. She therefore ensured the academic aspect of the company while Da Silva took care of the commercial part.

Biggest victory

Breakthrough in the university sector in Portugal.

Acevedo explains, “By working with this industry, we exposed Xpertly to members of the university, raised awareness and helped an industry that really needed our services. “

The biggest risk

Betting on a new idea.

Acevedo says: “In the initial phase, online learning was not at the forefront of education; everyone relied heavily on traditional education. So, at the start of our journey, it was an uphill battle to educate individuals that this concept of education was indeed the future. Spending hours on an idea no one believed in was incredibly hard to swallow. But we both knew that online learning would be the vision of the future; we were waiting for the right time.

Lesson learned

Start earlier.

Acevedo says, “If anything, I would have conceptualized this idea a few years ago, and right now we would dominate this whole industry.

How they would spend an additional $ 100,000

Improve their technology.

Acevedo adds, “We have a lot of ideas for new cutting edge concepts and concepts that we would like to explore, but we would need the proper budget to execute them.

Team tradition

Monthly workshops.

Acevedo adds, “We have monthly teacher workshops with our teachers, where we get together to discuss our methods, new techniques, play games and even voice our fears. We believe that these workshops will strengthen our team and let our personality shine through with different tasks and activities.

favorite quote

“If you have an infinite strategy in business, there will be no end point. There are no winners or losers in an endless game; there is only one front and one back. -Simon Sinek

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Image: Xpertly, Nastassia Acevedo and Daniel Da Silva


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