What features make the best investment app for managing your portfolio


May 25, 2022 10:26 a.m. STI

New Delhi [India] May 25 (ANI/GPRC): What should you look for in an app that is best suited for mutual fund investing? We’ll take a look.
Of all the investment options available in the market, mutual funds top the list as they are one of the ideal methods to stay financially stable for the long term. However, investing in such markets requires the right tools that help you zero in on the right amount that will yield the right returns. A Mutual fund app is an ideal tool that can help you achieve this, as the amounts can be calculated correctly, easily and without hassle. Let’s see what suits you best.
So what makes a particular app better than others?
One of the most attractive features an app must have is that it must be commission-free and investors can invest in direct mutual fund plans through the app. This is advantageous and saves your money which is deducted as agent commissions, directly impacting your returns. Also, due to their zero commission feature, the money that usually goes to agent commissions is added to your final returns which total around 1% extra, which is quite the bargain.

The ideal app should bring together the best mutual funds in India under one roof, which you can choose according to your needs. Investors do not need to create and use multiple accounts to access their investments. You can redeem your investments with a click as everything is listed under one application.
Funds listed on the app for you should be categorized, making it easy for investors to choose the right ones, based on their financial goals, risk appetite, and how long they want to stay invested. Also, they should offer a multitude of investment themes that will allow investors to instantly buy their favorite combination. From tax savings to long or short term investments, you can find it all here, in one place.
The application must be a secure platform, which ensures that your investments are safe from cyber fraud. Second, when you purchase funds through the app, the amount must be directly transferred from your bank to the mutual fund company without any involvement of third parties, and likewise, when you withdraw, the amount is directly transferred to the linked bank account, which makes the whole process of buying, selling and withdrawing the invested amount transparent.
So, if you are thinking of investing in mutual funds, you need look no further because now you know what is the ideal one that can help you achieve your financial goals with much ease.
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