Vir Das compares Elon Musk’s yo-yoing on Twitter to his mother shopping in Lajpat Nagar, netizens are cracking up


After sparking a huge debate about his $44 billion contract to buy Twitter, billionaire investor Elon Musk left everyone baffled when he announced on Friday that the plan was in place “waiting”. As the jokes and memes continue to rain down online, comedian Vir Das seems to be winning over the internet with his take on the big picture by drawing parallels with his mother.

The SpaceX and Tesla CEO said on Friday that the major deal was “temporarily on hold pending details supporting the calculation that spam/fake accounts actually represent less than 5% of users,” to add shortly. after that he was “still engaged in acquisition”. . As the company’s price has been steadily falling over the past few weeks, many have even wondered if the richest man in the world ever had any intention of buying the social networking site.

Meanwhile, in a social media post, Das compared the situation with his mother’s negotiation skills. Reminiscing about his childhood when he accompanied his mother to Lajpat Nagar, the actor-comedian shared his not-so-great shopping experience. Recounting what is an all-too-familiar situation for most Indians, Das explained how his mother would go to shops and pretend to disdain a product to get the shopkeeper to lower the price, only to then leave the store without buying it. .

As other shopkeepers approached her with better deals, her mother eventually returned to the first store to buy something completely different. “She just wanted the shopkeeper to admit defeat,” Das wrote. He further described it as a “strange ego hassle between her and the guy who barely knew each other”.

In conclusion, he joked, “Elon Musk is my mother with rockets.”

The post left netizens divided with many remarking how every desi child could relate to such shopping trips where they either felt embarrassed or bored.


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