VICTORIA NORTH – Plans submitted to transform brownfields and unlock new homes and City River Park as next phase of Red Bank neighborhood progresses


A new planning application has been submitted by the City Council to provide the essential infrastructure that will create the platform for the development of 5,500 new homes in Red Bank.

The submitted proposals will prepare the Red Bank area for future residential development – and will include land remediation, earthworks and changing site levels and begin major investment in new green space on the banks of the river Irk, while revitalizing what is now St Catherine’s Wood.

The planning application also seeks approval to construct preliminary transport infrastructure, including the facilitation of a new permanent road and junction in the Red Bank area, as well as new drainage, road and road infrastructure. public services for the region.

These key infrastructure improvements will pave the way for future planning applications for new homes from the Council’s joint venture partner for Victoria North – Far East Consortium (FEC) – and other third-party developers.

This phase of the Victoria North regeneration program is being funded by a £51.6 million grant from the government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF), which is provided to address various infrastructural constraints on the site and support the delivery of up to 5,500 new low-carbon homes (across a range of tenure types, including affordable housing) in the coming years – while reusing over 25 acres of brownfields.

Investing in the first phase of a long-term investment to create the City River Park, which will eventually link Red Bank near the city center to Queens Park in Collyhurst through high quality interconnected green space. The area is currently characterized by underused brownfields and invasive species – including Japanese knotweed – and this work will involve clearing vegetation, creating welcoming and managed routes through the area for walking and cycling , and to become a catalyst for cleaning up the River Irk. .

The first phase of City River Park will begin work to transform the old railway architecture to develop the new Viaduct Linear Park north of Victoria Station, a new stepped public space (Red Bank Terraces), as well as a new green space on the banks of the Irk River and the main improvements made to Bois Sainte-Catherine.

This investment also aims to create new habitats and bring wildlife back to the Irk Valley. The commitment is to deliver a 10% net biodiversity gain in this part of the city through a series of linked planning applications relating to infrastructure, green spaces, river improvements and new residential developments.

This application follows an initial planning application in November 2021 which approved the start of clearance works at the Red Bank site, including the removal of invasive trees and vegetation, the creation of a temporary transportation and demolition of former Creamline Dairies buildings.

Victoria North is a joint venture scheme between Manchester City Council and developer Far East Consortium (FEC).

Over the next 15 to 20 years, the Victoria North project will provide more than 15,000 new homes (of which at least 20% will be affordable housing), with each neighborhood linked by high-quality green spaces and a 46-meter City River Park. hectares, which will open up and celebrate the valley of the River Irk for the first time in decades.

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Cllr Gavin White, Executive Member of Manchester City Council for Housing and Jobs, said:

“The emerging Red Bank neighborhood will eventually offer 5,500 new homes across a range of tenures, including affordable housing. It’s fantastic to be out of the starting blocks for this development program and it’s a pleasure to see Victoria North starting to realize her potential.

“This app continues the journey for the Red Bank neighborhood, unlocking a wide swath of underutilized brownfields, making it ready for residential development, as well as new walking and cycling routes through newly created and revitalized green spaces.

“The River Irk and St. Catherine’s Woods hold enormous potential and have been underutilized for decades, so it’s great to begin the journey of development that will celebrate and actively use this area.”

Chief Counsel Cllr Bev Craig, noted:

“There is now a tangible sense of progress for Victoria North’s regeneration programme. This app takes the proposals for Red Bank – and the City River Park – from ideas to reality and will begin the journey over the next two decades to completely transform this part of our city.

“What is currently an underutilized brownfield and unmanaged, unwelcoming scrub land will become attractive green neighborhoods, 15,000 new homes and 46 hectares of interconnected green space.

“This is an ambitious long-term regeneration program – and represents exactly the kind of vision we should be looking for in our city to meet the demand for new housing, many of which will be social and genuinely affordable housing while still creating sustainable and attractive housing It’s great to see this ambition come to life.


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