Vape Store will open soon in Hellertown Mall

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A vape shop called Good Guy Vapes will soon open in The Shoppes at Hellertown on Main Street in the borough, according to decals that recently appeared on the windows of one of the mall’s vacant units. Neighboring the store will be H&R Block and an Advance Auto Parts store which is expected to open later this summer.

A store that sells vaping devices and related products will soon open in The Shoppes in Hellertown, according to signage outside one of the mall’s vacant units.

Good Guy Vapes is the company that will soon occupy the vacant unit last leased by T-Mobile, which closed nearly three and a half years ago.

According to information from a store locator page on the website, the Hellertown store opening at 11 Main Street is one of dozens of Good Guy Vapes outlets from Maine to South Carolina.

In the Lehigh Valley area, there are Good Guy Vapes stores at 1525 Easton Avenue in Bethlehem and 201 Stryker Road in Phillipsburg, NJ, according to the locator page, which lists a Tannersville address for the “internet warehouse.” of the company and a Fairfield, NJ, address for “general enquiries”.

“Please note that our online prices may differ from our retail outlets,” the site says.

The website also includes information on franchise opportunities and states that Good Guy Vapes is “one brand, one family, one team”.

“Good Guy Vapes is one of the fastest growing brands in the e-cigarette retail industry,” the site says. “We are consistently recognized by our customers in local markets for our hard-to-find products and wide variety of device, e-liquid and accessory options. All of these features keep our customers coming back regularly for new and replacement products. »

In addition to vape-related products, Good Guy Vapes also sells CBD capsules, cartridges, and accessories as well as hookahs, bowls, rolling papers, and other items on its website.

“What started out as a small vape store modeled after the kind of place we ourselves would want to shop and hang out has blossomed into multiple locations across seven states,” the company’s mission statement reads. . “Our vision is to continue to bring our model of high quality, low prices and customer satisfaction wherever the vape community takes us!”

Dollar General Fire Hellertown Closed now

The Dollar General store two doors down from where Good Guy Vapes will open was closed on Tuesday due to cleanup efforts related to a small fire behind the building on Monday. A dumpster in front of the store was filled with debris, and signs on the store’s entrance doors alerted customers to the temporary closure.

Dollar General Fire Hellertown Closed now

When it opens, Good Guy Vapes will join the recently opened Starbucks in the Shoppes in Hellertown, as well as established businesses like H&R Block and Dollar General, which were temporarily closed on Tuesday due to a fire that occurred behind the store.

An Advance Auto Parts store that will be located in the unit that once housed National Auto is scheduled to open later this summer.

Vapes and related devices are used for inhaling nicotine and other substances.

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Good Guy Vapes Hellertown Vape Store

Above is the Good Guy Vapes entry as it appeared on Tuesday, June 21. According to the window decals, the store will be opening soon.


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