Tucows creates Wavelo, a new company to target CSP software


Internet services and now SaaS provider Tucows has consolidated its communications service provider (CSP) software offerings into an independent business entity called Wavelo. The new company is Tucows’ third privately owned venture, along with Ting Internet and Tucows Domains.

Wavelo’s cloud-based software suite is designed to simplify Internet and mobile network access management. Internet Service Operating System (ISOS) contains customizable tools for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), while Mobile Network Operating System (MONOS) provides a comparable package for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) ). The company offers additional a la carte services, including subscription and billing management, network orchestration and provisioning, developer tools, and more.

“Tucows is a global leader in Internet services and SaaS solutions. We’ve been in the telecommunications industry for over twenty-five years and have always been baffled by the complexity of traditional software,” said Elliot Noss, CEO of Tucows. “Modern software is needed to propel growth in this space, especially as CSPs tackle the last 30% of digital transformation. This is exactly what Wavelo will enable. This software is used in the portfolio of Tucows for years and we are proud to officially bring these solutions together under one stand-alone business.”

Wavelo launches with an integrated customer base. DISH has been using Wavelo’s MONOS software in its digital operator platform since early 2021. More recently, Ting Fiber has also integrated Wavelo’s ISOS software to enable faster subscriber growth and footprint expansion.

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