Top 5 Most Profitable Businesses To Run In GTA Online


For many players, GTA Online is all about making money. Having more money in the game allows players to afford expensive weapons and vehicles. For competitive players in the game, having a good arsenal of weapons and vehicles is absolutely necessary to dominate the lobby.

While there are many ways to make money in GTA Online, some businesses are more profitable than others. Some businesses are cheap to buy but don’t pay well, while others need a hefty investment to get started, but quickly end up being self-financing.

5 best lucrative businesses in GTA Online

With many new players joining the game every day, it can be confusing for them to know which companies are worth buying and which are just a waste of money at this point.

Here is a list of the five most profitable businesses to run in GTA Online:

5) Disco

The Nightclub is a passive business in GTA Online that has one of the most rewarding operations. Players can purchase the cheapest nightclub in the game for $ 1,080,000 GTA, and that investment is paid back at $ 40,000 per hour.

The Nightclub does not require replenishment of supplies like many passive businesses in the game. To top it off, owning a Nightclub allows the player to purchase a Terrorbyte, which is essentially an operations center where players can store the Oppressor MK II.

4) Vehicle warehouse

One of the best active businesses in GTA Online is the Vehicle Warehouse. Players can actually earn $ 80,000 every 20 minutes if everything is done right.

In order to complete the Vehicle Warehouse missions, players must be CEOs and own a Vehicle Warehouse. In order to make money with this business, players have to steal vehicles and sell them from the warehouse.

3) Bunker

The Bunker is one of the best passive businesses in GTA Online. Owning a bunker in GTA Online gives players more benefits than just having a business.

Players can store their mobile operations center and anti-aircraft trailer in the bunker. The bunker also brings in $ 79,000 per hour of passive money to GTA players, which puts it in third place on this list.

2) Automotive store

The Auto Shop is the latest business added to GTA Online, which is part of the Los Santos Tuner update. Players can own and modify their vehicles in an auto shop, as well as complete the auto shop missions.

While the Auto Shop Missions don’t make a lot of money, it is the Contract Missions provided by Ownership where players can earn between $ 150,000 and $ 300,000 per hour.

1) Arcade

The Arcade is a business that was added to GTA Online during the update of The Diamond Casino Heist. Arcade machines don’t pay as much as you expect, but that’s not the main reason this company tops the list.

Owning an arcade allows players to start Diamond Casino Heist, which helps players win at least $ 1 million in 90 minutes. Buying the main control terminal in the arcade allows players to operate all other businesses from the PC, and this is one of the biggest perks of owning an arcade.

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