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GTA Online allows players to enjoy many different elements of being a gangster. One of the main features of the game is the businesses that players can use to grow their empire.

They say money can’t buy everything, but in GTA Online it is possible, and the most effective way to make money in the game is to invest in the right company.

Here’s a breakdown of the best businesses to buy in GTA Online in September 2021

Top 5 GTA Online Businesses To Make Money From September 2021

5) Bunker

One of the best businesses in GTA Online, Bunker Businesses need players to collect inventory and sell goods to make money. Players can complete these missions solo or with up to four other players to help deliver the products. The best way to get the most out of the bunker is to get all the upgrades, buy supplies, and sell them.

4) Motorcycle club

The Motorcycle Club offers players five different companies to choose from. The players have the option of choosing the type of business they wish to carry on and some of these businesses are the Document Tampering Business, Weed Farm, and Counterfeit Factory.

The missions of these companies are similar to those that players must do to earn money from the bunker. They ask players to collect supplies and deliver the product in order to get money.

3) Disco

Although the main activity of the nightclub is not the most profitable, the illegal warehouse is where the main money is. Players can hire up to five technicians and assign them to manage five different types of goods. The best part about all of these products is that players don’t need to restock them like the MC or the Bunker.

Hiring technicians will make the job super easy, as they take care of everything while players can focus on delivering the product.

2) Vehicle cargo

Vehicle cargo missions are one of the best ways to earn money in GTA Online. These missions involve players stealing cars and taking them to a vehicle warehouse. Once players have stolen a car and parked it in their vehicle warehouse, they can begin the second phase of the business.

The second phase of the business involves picking up the stolen cars and delivering them to a drop-off point. There are three categories of cars, and premium cars make the most money.

1) Special cargo

The Special Cargo activity requires players to collect crates and deliver them for good sums of money. For this business, players need a special cargo warehouse so that they can store the crates they get during the mission. There are three warehouse sizes, and players can purchase vehicles to be able to deliver more crates.

This activity is the most lucrative in GTA Online and also the riskiest, as it can require up to three people to complete each mission.


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