Tom Cruise goes to the game of baseball, and the internet can’t handle it


Tom Cruise did something perfectly normal on Saturday night: he attended a baseball game. But when photos of him appeared online, social media went wild.

“It looks like a deep fake” numerous, numerous people noted, apparently not sure if it was really Cruise in the pictures or just a numerical approximation. Perez hilton made a crack about Cruise channeling the late comedian Norm Macdonald. Others on Twitter were flabbergasted that Cruise wanted to attend a game in the first place. (“Tom Cruise is on the game … for some reasons. ”) Based on these reactions, it appears that, of all of our beloved Hollywood A-listers, we may know Cruise the least.

See Cruise for yourself. The scene was Oracle Park in San Francisco, where the Giants (“Baseball Giants” as extremely old men as my father like to say) faced the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 2 of the National League Division Series. Here’s Cruise, hunched over like the late Larry King, smiling and waving as the sage who controls the stand plays the Giorgio Moroder-writing Kenny connects press “Danger zone”. (This song, of course, is forever associated with the movie Top Gun.) Sitting to her right is her 26-year-old son Connor Cruise.

SF-based sports reporter Amy gutierrez landed a solid selfie with the three-time Oscar nominee (and huzzah at the photo-bomber behind them!), but his report on Cruise’s comments solidified for many just how the Impossible mission star appears when with regular people (as far as you can find “regular people” in an MLB playoff game). “He asked him which team he’s rooting for,” Gutierrez wrote, “and he graciously replied,“ I’m a baseball fan. “”

While the Los Angeles-based actor was probably just diplomatic on the SF pitch, his response generated a few bugs, including one that compared the action-adventure star to Marge Simpson.

Others recalled a classic Cruise interview, in which he married his love of going to the movies without being able to remember a single example of such an experience.

These remarks from the Peanut Gallery give a glimpse into Cruise’s personality but sadly outnumber the cascade of comments on his. physical appearance. Normally, we would not recognize such cracks, although a, of them, Where Three were smart, but the reaction speaks of a larger Cruise phenomenon. Clinging to a helicopter in the mountains, the movie star is recognizable by people. But when he’s more like an average 59-year-old, it’s the season for many to joke about Xenu.

In any event, Danny glover was also at the game, and the two chatted, though some people still wondered if Cruise was an impostor.

The Dodgers beat the Giants 9-2 with the series tied with one win apiece. They meet Monday night in Los Angeles.

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