The “Sharma Ji ka special” samosa that guarantees orgasm breaks the internet


A samosa that promises orgasm sells for Rs. 780.55

“Sharma ji ke special samose khate khate Orgasm ho jaye,” reads a sign outside a restaurant in Swiss who managed to capture Twitterwith its daring marketing.

Few snacks can match the popularity of our beloved samoussa. A widely shared fondness for fried potatoes, an appetite for spicy, tangy chutney and Indian love for a pocket meal – samosas tick all the boxes.

But, there isn’t a whole lot of all you can eat because the law of diminishing returns applies to most people. If this is you, buckle up for what might be the most pleasurable entrance of your life yet – a samosa that promises orgasm.

A picture of a sign for ‘Sharma Ji ke special samose’ was recently viral on Twitter for this wild claim.

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It says the popular Indian recipe sells for 9.90 Swiss francs, which equates to INR 780.55.

Too bad for a foodgasm, right? Well, you can only tell after you’re done (eating the samosa).

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Twitter was amused by this cheeky sign and hilarious reactions appeared in the thread.

Earlier, a croissant and samosa fusion called ‘Cramosa’ went viral after it appeared on Costa’s stand at Delhi airport.

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