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DecentWorld: The Metaverse is the Next Internet

The metaverse is coming, and it’s a big deal. Experts say this will become the next iteration of the internet. Currently, you can only discover the Internet when you open your laptop or take out a smartphone. Yet, with new technologies and connectivity opportunities being developed as we speak, it will surely be possible to discover global networks all around us very soon.

The creators of Swiss-based metaverse DecentWorld believe that we are at a turning point in internet history and that the metaverse will be key to building the future of immersive experiences. The all-new metaverse platform has set the lofty goal of being the pioneers at the forefront and digitizing the entire world.

Building digital worlds

Even though the Metaverse has become the latest buzzword that fires the imagination of tech enthusiasts, prototypes of the Metaverse have existed in the gaming industry for decades. Examples include well-known games such as Second Life and Minecraft. However, the development of the metaverse has recently entered its next phase and is sure to evolve rapidly in the years to come.

“I think for the project to be a metaverse, the environment has to have a few important features. So, first of all, it should be real-time rendering. It should be a virtual 3D world, synchronous, have continuity of data, and be interoperable or interchangeable. On top of that, it should be massively scalable with an unlimited number of users,” the DecentWorld team shared, laying out their thoughts on the metaverse. In the metaverse, interoperability is essential. DecentWorld is built around advanced blockchain technology, enabling ownership in the digital space. NFTs and cryptocurrencies are already thrilling investment markets with new possibilities, and they represent the tool perfect to become the building blocks of the developing metaverse.

The DecentWorld metaverse has digitized the entire world. With its fun and carefully designed user interface, anyone can buy, collect and stake digital copies of real-world streets, buildings and monuments as NFTs.

The creators of DecentWorld believe that the future of the metaverse is to become the next Internet, which implies that it will grow into a singular metaverse that everyone contributes to. In new digital spaces such as these, ownership of digital assets, as well as ownership of digital identity, will be crucial to the future development of the metaverse.

Blockchain is the key to digital identity

Blockchain technology, and in particular NFTs, make the metaverse possible. A person holds a passport in the real world, which confirms someone’s singular identity, and this aspect of identity will also be crucial in the digital worlds of the metaverse.

Not only identity should be unified, but digital reputation, achievements in online interactions, game levels, scores achieved or even personal stories should also be unified, just like in real life. In the metaverse, all of this data must belong to a user and be taken with them wherever the person goes.

So far, each social platform taken in isolation could be called as small metaverses, but they do not communicate with each other.

“Imagine you have some nice pictures on your Instagram, but if now you log in, and create an account on your Twitter (NYSE:), of course, or LinkedIn, or anywhere else; those pictures don’t don’t exist there, because they’re separate, they have their own ‘silo’. The metaverse has to be interoperable. All of these different ‘silos’ – this information has to be connected,” the DecentWorld team explained. , Web 3.0 networks, cryptocurrencies and NFTs are the technologies that will enable this kind of functionality and form the basis of the interoperable metaverse.

DecentWorld’s creative team allows users of their metaverse to retain their identity and assets as NFTs, taking them with them wherever they go. Powered by the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain, the DecentWorld metaverse will enable the rapid and seamless creation of digital worlds.

Real-time digital experiences

DecentWorld believes the future of the Metaverse is a fully immersive, interactive, real-time rendered 3D digital world. The Metaverse will change the way we perceive reality and screen time, as it merges these constant interconnected experiences of the real and virtual worlds into one.

“Nowadays the internet is already there, but it’s still not real time all the time. You watch videos, you read on the internet. Most of the videos were downloaded a little earlier. So you consume media, not how they’re happening, but rather what happened a bit earlier. Of course, it’s getting closer and closer to real time, and you know, looking at all these stories, real-time streaming becoming more and more popular. And it will also be a big part of the metaverse,” enthused the DecentWorld team. This spatial internet is the culmination of everything that augmented reality and virtual reality are working to develop today. Creators around the world will have new opportunities to unleash their creativity on the virtual worlds of the metaverse, while at the same time, brands and businesses will open up new horizons on which to build virtual economies that could very well become larger than those we know today.

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