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Mr. Gbadebo is a fabric retailer based in Lagos Nigeria and like most emerging entrepreneurs has a physical outlet in the heart of Ebute Meta (Lagos-Island) and primarily markets his products through Instagram and WhatsApp stories .

However, although he is able to secure many online orders, he struggles to keep track of payments and purchase history, as well as manage a time-consuming logistics process. Is it something you can identify with?

Miss Aminat is an excellent hairdresser and is undoubtedly the best you can meet in Ojuelegba, Surulere. Unfortunately, she misses a lot of online referrals as she barely has time to tend to her posts during the day. And of course, like any other diligent entrepreneur, she prefers to take care of her customers first and messages later in the day.

Based in Abuja, Nigeria, Ms. Onyinye is the Founder and CEO of Genies Box, a bespoke gift service for unique gifts and personalized experiences. In her own case, she’s got it all, from well-run social media platforms to world-class gifting services. However, his biggest challenge was constantly having to manage an existing website that offered anything but a satisfying user experience.

As a grooming entrepreneur, sometimes you are Mr. Gbadebo, other times you are Miss Aminat, and sometimes you can be Mrs. Onyinye. Truth be told, it doesn’t matter which of these people you are, all that matters is what you can do differently to optimize your effectiveness as a business owner.

Africa Terminal to the rescue

Recognizing the plight of an average entrepreneur across Africa, Terminal Africa seeks to get to the heart of some of the prevalent challenges that most SMEs and entrepreneurs face when trying to grow their businesses.

Since its inception in August 2021, Terminal Africa has been instrumental in growing over 1,500 businesses across Africa. Essentially, the barely 1-year-old startup takes advantage of what could be described as bespoke or personalized services.

Notably, Terminal Africa is able to remove major barriers to entry for SMEs in the African e-commerce landscape by combining web hosting services with leading logistics solutions through strategic partnerships with leading e-commerce companies. industry leaders such as Kwik, GIG Logistics, DHL. , GoKada and others.

That said, Terminal Africa’s wide range of solutions, which cover all aspects of e-commerce, can benefit a typical small or medium-sized business with barely an active social media presence.

For example, an SME can move fully online by implementing Terminal Africa’s wide range of customized solutions, which includes a personalized website, analytics, comprehensive marketing tools, access to state-of-the-art logistics services , multiple payment channels with over 12 international currencies, and automated updates that allow end users to track the journey of their shipment.

“Seeing is not always believing”

“Seeing is not always believing,” as Martin Luther King famously said, but an extra confession could make all the difference. Many in the corporate world are like this, always hesitant to try new things, especially add-on services or operating models that force them out of their comfort zone.

However, like Mr. Gbadebo, Ms. Aminat or Ms. Onyinye, settling for less is simply not an option, and if Terminal Africa is all you need to remove all barriers to running a smooth business and hassle-free across Africa, then you are where you need to be.

Again, it’s not enough to know about Terminal Africa, and we’re sure you’re curious about what makes this innovative solution right for you. Before answering your question on why you should use Terminal Africa, here is what Ms. Onyinye has to say about her operational experience before and after implementing Terminal Africa Solution.

“Before using Terminal Africa, I think my biggest challenge has been finding a way to showcase everything my business sells.

I run a gift business and we have over 200 gift items available, so it can be quite difficult to present them all to potential buyers. Even posting on Instagram was not enough, because with giveaways sometimes you have to combine items and customers also have special requests.

Before you start using Terminal Africathere was a lot of back and forth before our customers could place a gift order and it took a long time. »

Several businesses, like Ms. Onyinye’s, suffer from a lack of customers simply because they are unable to present their items to potential customers in the most appealing way possible.

Others, like Miss Diana Iba, who runs a pharmaceutical business in Lagos, face an even bigger challenge besides figuring out how to present her products in a very effective way. In her words, Miss Diana said that “trust is critical in the pharmaceutical professions“, which an active presence on social networks alone cannot achieve for your company.

Our customers and suppliers must believe you are a legitimate business before interacting with your brand online. Without a website, it’s hard for people to get more information about your business, which makes it harder to get them to trust your brand. So I would say that’s a challenge that Terminal helped us solve by designing our website.” Miss Diana explained in more detail.

Now, for someone like Miss Dunni Odutayo who runs a wholesale bag business, finding a way to showcase her product, as well as a website that presents her business as legit while maintaining customer trust, n is not the end of the obstacles. According to her, the cost of using an independent courier for delivery within the state and interstate is high.

Definitely delivery. I recently had to deliver an order to a customer in Ikorodu and it only cost me N600 on Terminal Africa! Normally it will cost me like N2000 to deliver to this region. So yes, they save customers a lot of money with deliveries that are encouraging and will make them happy to come back. Miss Dunni responded when asked about her toughest challenge before Terminal Africa.

However, with Terminal Africa in the picture, running a small or medium business has been made easier. It also implies that aspiring entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs will now face little to no barriers to entry when starting their business, especially in the ever-changing e-commerce industry.

Additionally, transitioning from an offline business to an online business will cease to be rocket science as many have been led to believe. Or maybe, let’s say Terminal Africa has solved the wizardry side of things while ensuring a smooth onboarding experience with its user-friendly and easy-to-navigate products and services.

Again, saying like seeing isn’t always believing, but an additional admission could make all the difference.

When asked how Terminal Africa has effectively improved his day-to-day business productivity, Dunni highlighted how seamless inventory management has been since integrating his business on the platform.

The terminal has made me more organized on my business, especially when it comes to doing inventories. I sell bags so I have many different types of products that come in different colors.

The fact that I have one place to store all of my product information means that I am able to better track my inventory. By checking inventory monthly, I can now do this weekly and am always sure that every item sold on My website is currently available in stock. Dunni excitedly revealed.

It’s even better when someone like Miss Aminat won’t have to worry about answering her WhatsApp chat during the day while attending to customers.

For example, Miss Dianna, in her response to how Terminal Africa has effectively improved the productivity of her day-to-day business, noted that she has been able to maximize her time as she no longer has to constantly respond to customer chats, unless absolutely necessary. .

I think talking to customers can be quite difficult. Sometimes you may have to chat with many people in one day to answer product questions, but they still may not buy anything. So it can be a waste of time. With Terminal, a customer can continue our website, view the product information and order it directly from there. So it’s easy and simple.

Moreover, if you are like Mrs. Onyinye who has an existing website, it is very essential to switch to another one with less hassle. According to her, Terminal Africa has eliminated the barriers of going back and forth with the developers who helped run its old website.

I think the fact that I can update My website by myself has definitely made me more productive. The way my website was structured before, I always had to rely on my developer to make changes. So I had to send my photos to him and it could take days or weeks for the changes to be made.

Sometimes even a small typographical error would take time to be edited. Today I log in to Terminal and make the changes I want to the site and everything is updated immediately. Ms. Onyinye noted how the technical assistance helped improve her company’s productivity.

Finally, as a business owner or entrepreneur, making informed decisions is critical as it is key to achieving predictable results. For someone like Miss Dunni, making important business decisions has never been easier with Terminal Africa.

Terminal Africa helps me in my categorization my products for my customers. The bags I sell are similar and mostly vary in color and price. So categorizing in the right way helps my customers easily find the right bag for their budget. »

Although Miss Dunni is not alone, Ms Onyinye also admitted that her decision-making has improved since she started using Terminal Africa. In his words, “the dashboard on Terminal helps me a lot in making trading decisions”

“It’s something I always look at and make sure to review the information at the end of each working day before I go to bed. From the dashboard, I can see which products people are interested in or watching a lot. When I see what they’re looking at, I post it on my PageInstagram or promote it on social media. It usually helps me sell more,” Ms. Onyinye noted.

If you are a grooming entrepreneur, or considering starting a business, relying on Terminal Africa’s infrastructure can be one of the best business decisions you can make. And, if you still have doubts, here is your shortest way to start!

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