Stockedge allows users to place orders directly from the app


StockEdge, a fintech app, has announced that its users will be able to place orders directly from the app with their respective brokers, including Zerodha, Kotak Securities, Groww and others. The platform announced the new feature during its inaugural Face2Face Mega Trading Conclave in Goa, which was held from April 26-29, 2022.

StockEdge was primarily used for self-research to identify and analyze stocks. However, after the introduction of the trade feature, users can invest in the identified stocks directly from the StockEdge website or the app itself, the company said. This should improve the user experience as investors won’t have to switch between their brokerage app and StockEdge. Additionally, they will be able to track their open positions, orders placed, order status, daily profit and loss without leaving the StockEdge app.

The company clarified that each stock page now has a buy and sell button. If one wants to invest in any stock after analyzing on the app, he can do so by selecting the buy button, on which he will ask to log into the brokerage account. Once done, the user will be able to place the order.

There will be no additional charges. The company said this is a free feature and any registered unpaid user with a brokerage account with any of the 14 brokers the company is associated with can also invest in stocks through StockEdge.

Vivek Bajaj, co-founder of StockEdge and Elearnmarkets, while talking about the success of his brainchild, said, “Financial literacy is very low in India and from the beginning it has been our motto to make our user skilled with the market trends to promote all financial investments. . We are truly overwhelmed to see the turnout and the learning session attendees attended. We found Conclave a good platform to launch the Trade function on StockEdge. Trading on the live markets allowed the participant to become familiar with the management of trading in terms of position sizing, psychology and risk management. With this success, we are more determined to organize such offline and online events for investors to prepare them for investing.”

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