Senate Speaker Welcomes Buhari Administration on Agricultural Sector Investments


Senate Speaker Ahmad Lawan praised President All Progressive Congress (APC) led by Muhammadu Buhari for committing more resources to diversifying the economy than any previous administration in the country.

Lawan said no previous government had invested as many resources, especially in agriculture, as the Buhari government had.

He spoke on Saturday during the commissioning of a poultry breeding center that the National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA) has established in Gasamu, in the Jakusko local government area, in the ‘Yobe State.

The Senate Speaker said: “We have promised to diversify the economy of this country. For more than 50 years, our economy depended on a single product, petroleum.

“Oil doesn’t offer so many job opportunities. There could be income, but certainly not general employment opportunities. But when you diversify into agriculture, you would have a lot more people engaged, especially our young people who are now largely unemployed or underemployed.

“So we are diversifying Nigeria’s economy through agriculture and we’ve done so much as a country, as a government, over the past six years.

“I want to assure you that the APC administration at all levels of government, from local government to state and federal government, will continue to work for the diversification of the Nigerian economy.

“Just last month, the National Bureau of Statistics released the report that our economy grew by 5.01% of GDP. It is to show that we are progressing. We are not there yet but we will be there by the Grace of God and everything indicates that we will be there.

Lawan thanked Buhari for giving his approval for the farm. This, he said, was in line with the president’s promise on behalf of APC in 2015 to provide employment opportunities for young people.

“Gasamu, thanks to this project, will now occupy an important place on the Nigerian map. And that’s something that’s very important to us as a community here.

Lawan also called on NALDA to increase the farm’s capacity to beyond 250,000 per year.

The Executive Secretary of NALDA, Hon. Paul Ikonne said the agricultural center was created on President Buhari’s mandate to empower young people and bring the country closer to food security.

Ikonne also said the farm has the capacity to generate 850 eggs per day and 1.1 million naira per day from sales of birds alone and as much as 400 million naira per year.


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