Reputation Hat sets a new standard for regulating the online prestige of individuals and businesses online: Joy Biswas


Users of social media platforms are increasing every day. The growing population on social platforms has created flourishing opportunities for businesses to sell their products and services online. As a result, business people are as concerned about their digital presence as they are in the real world. But the growing number of cyberbullying is an act of digital reputation destruction.

Cybersecurity enthusiast Joy Bis, 23, is the founder of online reputation management startup Reputation Hat, which deals with online prestige.

Joy has been a tech enthusiast ever since he first had access to the internet in his school life. This early exposure to the Internet informed a sense of the future that depended heavily on the world within the Internet.

He started the company Reputation Hat in 2018 after dropping out where he was in his second year of Btech training in computer science and engineering.

The company solves the biggest threat that any well-established brand faces these days, which is online prestige. Reputation Hat claims to be your eyes and ears in all the spaces where your customers talk, post, comment and recommend. Translate everything it gathers into information you can actually use. This information helps brands understand their customers and makes them feel heard. The company has been hired by various clients to hide unfavorable news from Internet search results.

The first thing the Reputation Hat does is collect real reviews from real customers. Then post them to the Internet in a variety of places and ways. In this digital world, it’s easy to understand that 90% of consumers look at reviews and rely on reviews when making a purchasing decision. Many scholars argue that this kind of services unbalance the power of digital platforms by only showing one side, but most of the negative comments are about the useless aspects of the service rather than the service itself. It’s like a cousin of search engine optimization.

Another side of the coin is that a businessman spends his time creating business tricks rather than managing social media, and that’s where reputation building helps. It works in three steps, the first is from reviews, Social media surveys and business listings.

Reputation Hat helps businesses monitor and respond to online reviews, social media, and surveys; analyze customer sentiment; and collaborate to make operational improvements.

The company starts its operations from an F-commerce model. And later they extend their business to the web. Reputation Hat seeks to give brands and individuals real control over their digital lives. The company works on a case-by-case basis, assigning each client a personal search agent.


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