Report finds half of Japanese companies have yet to abandon Internet Explorer


has been for Internet Explorer for months, but many companies in Japan have apparently ignored it. Almost half were still using the browser, including Microsoft, in March. According many of these companies have been dragging their feet on switching to other browsers, which some say could cause chaos for months.

IT provider Keyman’s Net surveyed Japanese businesses earlier this year and found that many were forced to use Internet Explorer because of the systems their customers used to manage orders. Some also used the browser to manage things like employee attendance and expenses. More than a fifth of respondents had no plans to move their business to alternative browsers, such as or .

The problem extends beyond businesses to government agencies, which the report says have been particularly slow to respond to change. For example, reviews related to Japan Pension Service online applications should be viewed in IE mode on Edge, according to the report. This mode will be supported until at least 2029, so websites incompatible with modern browsers should still be accessible for several years. We hope that Microsoft will officially end support for IE after nearly 27 years, prompting organizations to pull themselves together and get their services working on Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers as well.

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