QuickBooks Online Enterprise View: Simple, Efficient, and Personalized


When it comes to your practice, and keeping your clients happy and ready to succeed, you need a system that not only saves you time and reduces stress, but is also completely personalized and contains the most important components of your daily work. life.

QuickBooks Online’s new, simplified navigation menu is designed to help business owners find the information that’s important to them, in a language they’re more likely to use. The new Business View offers a streamlined menu navigation that’s tailored to you and your customers’ needs, helping you take care of important tasks and work together more efficiently.

Figure 1 shows the new navigation bar on the left versus the old accountant view navigation on the right.

What’s in it for you?

Customers turn to you for solutions that help them save time and be more productive. For you, doing something in fewer steps and getting even more out of your accounting software means you can spend more time focusing on what matters to you, like growing your business.

Having your most important functions in one place is a game changer. This includes invoicing, banking, tracking leads, managing payroll, managing accounting and taxes, and using powerful apps.

With QuickBooks Online Company View, you get just that — and you can group them together to customize exactly what you want to see when you need to. You can also bookmark key pages, hide pages you don’t use, and put all those groupings and bookmarks in whatever order suits you.

One of the QuickBooks Top 100 Professional Advisors understands the importance of a better “sight” or a better way to look at information.

“This new task-based way of thinking creates a shorter logical navigation bar, where groupings focus more on actions than functions,” said Alicia Katz Pollock, writer, author and owner of Royalwise. “The fact that you can bookmark your most used functions simplifies navigation and makes it clear which functions are most important in each company file.”

What’s in it for your customers?

Business View offers a technology stack that gives business owners a truly personalized browsing experience tailored to their needs. This helps owners get things done faster, better understand their finances, and visualize success.

“The Business View navigation bar is organized the way a business owner thinks about their business, instead of how an accountant thinks about finances,” Pollock said. “Instead of simply relying on maintaining a positive bank balance, reports are brought to the fore so that their truth is right before their eyes. This allows our customers to focus on where they are going, rather than where they have been.

Timely information about the Business View experience

Any accountant who enrolled a client after October 2021 as a business owner or employee will already see the Business View, and by the end of 2022, all of your clients will benefit from simplified navigation customization.

While your customers can switch back to the old Accounting View menu at any time, committing to Business View will help them complete their tasks more efficiently, break down their finances and data in an understandable way, and allow them to view the hit. – with your help and advice.

For more information, visit https://intuit.me/3dZTEAc. And stay tuned for more updates over the coming months.


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