Overview of new technologies for 2022



Technology keeps advancing and tech experts expect 2022 to be no different. Andryanna Sheppard, WINK News consumer reporter, gives you an overview of new technologies that may come into your home next year.

In 2021, we used technology to communicate, shop and work. We use our phones for even the simplest day-to-day tasks for many of us. In 2022, even the most mundane thing can get smart.

The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles department is piloting its Florida Smart ID application. The objective of the application is to facilitate the proof of your age or your identity but more easily by being on your smartphone.

Experts also say they are prepared for more artificial intelligence devices. Smart cars are designed to use facial recognition algorithms as a way to alert drivers if they get tired behind the wheel.

A toilet is being developed to help diagnose gastrointestinal problems. They use computer vision to analyze stool samples and help make a decision.

Advanced technology can also have an impact on your trips to the grocery store next year. Some grocery store chains are experimenting with shopping carts with scales and built-in cameras. These upgrades are meant to help customers scan, package their items, and pay as they shop.

Nanosatellites are also expected to increase in number. Over the next two years, SpaceX plans to deploy up to 42,000 satellites to make Internet connections available anywhere on earth.

One Domino’s has already started using driverless delivery cars for its pizzas. GPS monitoring allows each customer to track their pizza from the store to their home. Kroger, Amazon, and FedEx are also testing autonomous vehicles to make life as convenient and easy as possible.

Updated pricing technology is also on the way in 2022. Electronic shelf labels are supposed to help stores stay up to date because prices change so quickly.

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