Outage affects BNZ app users on first day of new cost of living payment


Some users of the BNZ app have reported malfunctions, on the same day around 2.1 million New Zealanders receive the government’s new cost of living payments.

Some BNZ customers are having difficulty accessing their online banking services today.

A Herald reader said the bank’s telephone banking website and app were experiencing problems on the day around 2.1 million people were due to receive their first cost-of-living payment.

A BNZ spokesperson today said the app was having issues, but desktop browser users should be able to access banking services as usual.

“Some customers are currently experiencing issues logging into their accounts on the BNZ mobile banking app,” he said.

“Internet banking is still working, so if a customer has access to a computer, they will be able to access their accounts that way,” he added.

“We are working hard to resolve this issue as soon as possible, and we apologize for the inconvenience caused.”

BNZ’s internet banking status page earlier this afternoon indicated that some customers were unable to connect to internet banking, mobile banking and mobile banking at companies.

The issues affected both Apple and Android users.

It was the first outage recorded on the bank’s status page since a major malfunction on the evening of July 2.

It was not immediately clear how many customers were affected today, or if the outage was related to new cost of living payments.

The government payment package was $350, split into three monthly installments starting today.

The payments were designed to help combat the impact of soaring inflation on household budgets.

An estimated 2.1 million adult New Zealand tax residents earning less than $70,000 in the year ending April are eligible for the payments.

People eligible for the winter energy payment who have previously received a New Zealand Superannuation or one of the 10 qualifying benefits are not eligible for the $350 payment.

Some Kiwis overseas expressed surprise that they would also receive the payments today.

At one point, the deceased could also have gotten the payment, until the Herald contacted the IRS about it.

Today’s payout is $116.67, as was the second in early September. The third installment for eligible individuals is $116.66, payable October 3.


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