New website brings Bridgnorth stores together in one place

The High Street has been closed. Photo: Google

Bridgnorth will be the first town in the entire county to have stores on the website, called ShopAppy, which so far covers around 100 UK towns.

Sally Themans of Love Bridgnorth said: “We have received a Shropshire Council Economic Stimulus Grant of £ 16,000 which is being used to join the ShopAppy platform.

“It’s an online shopping platform where you can have all the retailers in a city in one place,” Sally explained.

“You can go from store to store and then checkout at the end. All goods are then sent to a central collection point in Bridgnorth. We are also considering delivery. “

The plan is to secure the city against any possible peak in Covid-19 in the coming months, where previously people who stayed at home had to turn to global online retailers.

Sally added, “If there is another spike and people are worried about going to town, they can still support local businesses that way.”

The establishment of this new company is going well, because some companies had already adapted to online commerce during the last confinement.

“Some of the store owners who are good at this stuff are keen to join him, and we have others who aren’t as confident with the Internet joining in as well,” Sue said.

So far, 40 merchants are expected to be on the Bridgnorth ShopAppy website when it goes live, and that total is expected to increase as more and more of them come.

Sue added, “One of the reasons some haven’t joined him yet is that they’re actually too busy right now. I’m reaching out to some of them to ask if they still want to come in and they just tell me they are, but they haven’t had five minutes, which is a good thing.

“Bridgnorth is obviously an attractive tourist destination and the summer has been very busy.”

As things calm down in the coming weeks, more and more businesses are expected to join us. The new business will also provide visitors to the city with a way to have a grocery store ready and on hold when they arrive for a vacation break.

Sally added: “What we also hope is that visitors to Bridgnorth will buy in advance instead of having to bring a lot with them.

“We have a lot of AirBnBs here, and if people can use ShopAppy they can plan ahead and their purchases could be there when they arrive for their break.”

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