New Retail Opens in South Sacramento as the City’s First Cashless Clothing Store


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — When the CliqueUp Pop-Up store opened its doors, co-owner Ashton “Lavish” Collins said he was “overwhelmed” with the support the store received during its big opening.

“Day one, the grand opening, brought tears to my eyes because I didn’t expect it,” Collins said.

The Cliqueup Pop-Up Shop, located at 4241 Florin Road in South Sacramento, had its Large aperture on February 12, making it the first cashless clothing store in Sacramento. Customers can pay for their purchases by credit/debit card, payment apps (Cash App, Venmo and PayPal) or Bitcoin.

“I’ve been studying cryptocurrency and blockchain for six years and in that you learn where the future is going and a lot of it is cashless,” Collins said. “The premise isn’t the cashless idea, it’s having options.”

“Security reasons” related to carrying cash in the store and “safety” regarding the spread of COVID-19 are some of the reasons Collins and his business partners went through a cashless system in the store. store. Collins owns the store along with Dell Anthony Bradford and Rodney Calvin.

“It’s working really well right now,” Collins said of her store’s cashless system. “If it gets bigger and it causes us to lose sales for money, we’ll reconsider some things, but it’s just our way of coming together and bringing more technology to our community.”

The store sells clothing and accessories from Sacramento and Bay Area brands. Collins, Bradford and Calvin each have their own clothing line and sell all their products in their store.

Collins is the CEO of NoGravity Entertainment with its NoGravity Clique Clothings brand. Anthony’s clothing line is called Kingdom Not of this World, which is sold at Arden Fair Mall. Calvin’s clothing brand is called Struggle Strengthens.

Bradford originally had a store at the current CliqueUp site and decided to move to a smaller location at the Arden Shopping Centre. As Collins and Calvin’s businesses grew, they partnered with Bradford to take over the Florin site.

Ashton Collins, co-owner of The CliqueUP Pop-Up Shop in South Sacramento, processes a payment on a tablet.

Collins, a Bay Area native, said the store launch wouldn’t be possible without the involvement of these other Northern California brands.

“Me coming from Oakland, it was important to me to bring people from there as well as people from Sacramento to show people that we can come together,” Collins said. “We’re only across the bridge, an hour’s drive and look what happens.”

Collins moved to Sacramento in 2010 to play wide receiver for the Sacramento State football team. He graduated from college in 2015, but a couple of knee injuries in college ended his football career.

As a black-owned business, Collins said the opening of this store in South Sacramento’s Florin neighborhood is huge because they’re cultivating conversations about technology within the community.

“There is a gap in technology,” Collins said. “We kind of saw that in the pandemic of how kids were missing the internet, how many kids were missing tablets or any device to go to school online.”

“With kids coming into our store, it sparks conversations because the younger generation is really into digital technology,” Collins continued.

Since its grand opening, Collins said business has been good, especially during the store’s first two opening weekends.

Collins said he was building a website, saying it should go live on Saturday. Items sold at the store will be available online on the website, Collins said. CliqueUP also has an account on Instagram.

“If we want to do something like have a store in 2022, we want to be the most tech-savvy store in Sacramento and California, because that’s where it’s all happening,” Collins said.


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