New cybersecurity initiative to perfect small businesses


COSBOA CEO Alexi Boyd said the goal of the Cyber ​​Wardens program is to develop crucial skills training for small business owners who have felt powerless in the digital security space. She notes that for many small businesses, the struggle to upgrade skills is made more difficult by a lack of resources, time and technological expertise.

“We believe that having a Cyber ​​Warden on the team will help give small business owners confidence that their business and their customers are protected,” Ms Boyd says.

“Innovative small business owners in Australia are used to wearing many hats, but we can’t just add another task to the to-do or ‘too difficult’ lists. Targeting employees, as well as owners, the Cyber ​​Wardens program will equip Australia’s small business workforce with the mindset, skills and tools to engage more easily and securely. security in an increasingly digital world.

“With the support of Telstra and the ABC, and hopefully many other business partners, we can provide free, simple and accessible resources to the small business community. We want to foster a culture of self-determination and understanding when it comes to cybersecurity – no IT degrees, Excel expertise, and cloud magic required.

CBA Business Banking Group Director Mike Vacy-Lyle says it’s crucial the small business sector is equipped with the skills it needs to stay safe online.

“Understanding a complex subject like cybersecurity can be difficult and we are always looking for ways to better support small businesses in this space. We are excited to launch the Cyber ​​Wardens pilot program to help demystify cybersecurity, instill a state of cyber mindset and enable small businesses to identify and manage cyber threats,” said Mr. Vacy-Lyle.

Designed specifically for non-technical employees, the Cyber ​​Wardens pilot program will roll out in the coming months to protect Australia’s 2.3 million small businesses and upskill everyday Australians to become the line of our country’s cybersecurity front.


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