Mumbai: Reporter tries to buy bottle of wine online, tricked out of Rs 25,500


A 37-year-old journalist was the victim of a cyber fraud when she researched the number of wine shops on the internet and ended up calling a fraudster who posed as an employee of a wine shop and brought her to transfer more than Rs 25,000 to him. An FIR was registered by the Dindoshi police station on April 16.

The complainant, who works as a freelance journalist, told police she wanted to buy a bottle of wine as a present for a friend at Easter. She went to Google and searched for a local wine store, and ended up calling a number uploaded by a cyber scammer.

The woman was unaware that over the past few years several scammers have uploaded fake numbers and tricked unsuspecting customers into wine, bakery and confectionery stores, restaurants, courier services and phone numbers. hotline for banks, e-wallets, online shopping portals, etc. .

The fraudster had told the woman that he would send her the names of wines available on WhatsApp and she could choose. The woman chose a particular wine and sent her Rs 400. The scammer, however, told her that the payment had not been received and asked her to follow his instructions to complete the transaction.

Under the pretext of helping him, the man made him transfer Rs 25,124 from his Google Pay account. As she spoke to him, she received a message from her private bank notifying her of the transaction. The woman realized she had been tricked, cut the call and immediately called her bank to block her account. She then approached the police.


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