MPIC unveils mWell’s fully integrated healthcare application


BREAKING DOWN GEOGRAPHIC BARRIERS. Chairman, President and CEO of Metro Pacific Investments Corp. Manny V. Pangilinan, right, says the group’s investment in the digital healthcare app has enabled the group to meet the needs of more of patients across the country, who cannot be served by hospitals due to their limited geographic locations. He is joined by Chaye Cabal-Revilla, Director of Finance, Risk and Sustainability at MPIC. / MWELL

METRO Pacific Investments Corp. (MPIC) has unveiled mWell and its list of groundbreaking digital healthcare firsts as the nation’s first fully integrated app.

At an event dubbed PH1 on Friday, October 21, 2022, mWell celebrated its many firsts in just over a year after its pilot launch and announced other pioneering efforts that are helping to “redefine not just telemedicine, but the entire healthcare landscape”.

The mWell app showcased its holistic approach to telemedicine – from medical consultation, online pharmacy, emergency services and home care – to fitness and nutrition programs. Beyond patient care, he has also designed a state-of-the-art electronic medical records and clinic management system for physician partners.

“Metro Pacific Group’s mWell is the Philippines’ first fully integrated health app that brings together experts in technology, medicine, wellness and healthcare in one sustainable living ecosystem. This high-performance platform provides access to quality health care and empowers our countrymen to take control of their health as they rebuild their lives after the pandemic,” said MPIC President and CEO Manny V. Pangilinan.

Pangilinan said the creation of mWell made access to healthcare within reach, especially during the height of the pandemic when mobility was limited.

“We’ve used technology to break down geographic barriers,” he said, noting that the group’s investment in digital healthcare has enabled them to meet the needs of more patients across the country, who cannot be served by its hospitals due to its limited geographic locations.

“mWell gives you the opportunity to expand health services across the country,” Pangilinan added.

Profitability, many firsts

MPIC aims to generate substantial revenues from mWell in the long term through synergies with the other business units of the group.

“We are ready to support it and widely propagate its use so that it is accessible to many Filipinos and at the same time price the service that it is affordable including the insurance package,” said Pangilinan.

A first health app, mWell is available worldwide for overseas migrant/Filipino workers and the first to offer the most affordable telemedicine with free accident insurance through the Healthsavers Plan.

He is also the first to launch the largest nationwide digital medical mission with hundreds of volunteer doctors simultaneously offering free consultations across the country on National mWellness Day.

mWell is also the first to offer a wellness score developed by data scientists – the mWellness score which measures physical activity, steps and sleep, as well as the first to provide a comprehensive clinic management system and state-of-the-art technology designed by doctors for doctors. —mWellMD.

It is also the first to provide a portable mobile digital clinic to remote communities nationwide, mWell OnTheGo.

“We were able to deliver these firsts in terms of product functionality, innovations not only for patients but also for physicians. We believe that improving the lives of Filipinos is a prerequisite for national progress. That’s why mWell helps improve lives by providing access to better health, which after all is a human right,” said Chaye Cabal-Revilla, Head of Finance, Risk and Sustainability at MPIC.

She noted that “this is both a digital health service and an advocacy because at the heart of mWell firsts is our mission to bring healthcare closer to more Filipinos. by making health and well-being available and accessible to everyone, anytime and anywhere.

Another first soon to be launched is the mWell Wellness Wearable.

Another telemedicine innovation in the works is the mWell kiosk which will be used by local government units for their medical missions.

MWell is backed by the biggest names in technology, wellness and health including Microsoft, Highly Succeed, Telus, Maya, Bayad, Aktivo, Active8me, Smart, PLDT Home, PLDT Enterprise, PLDT SME, PLDT Global , PSG Global Solutions, The Solution, Department of Migrant Workers Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, Metro Pacific Health, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Gabay Guro, Gabay Kalusugan, Department of Migrant Workers, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, PCCSC, MedExpress, Healthlink, Lifeline 16 -911, PhilCare and Generali.


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