Meet the creator of an online hub for influencers


Twiva CEO Peter Kironji.

Marketing as a business practice has evolved dramatically over time. Today, any brand that does not take advantage of digital platforms loses. And with the ever-changing consumer needs, today’s customer wants to be reached in a way that directly affects them.

Brands and businesses have noticed that their customers are online, especially on social media, and they follow and listen to celebrities and various personalities who are then able to convince them to make purchases. This is now called social influence, influencer marketing, or affiliate marketing.

It is from this business model that Peter Kironji (below), CEO and founder of Twiva, has benefited from. Twiva is an online influencer hub where brands can meet social influencers who place their products on their social media platforms.

“We have seen the struggle of businesses to gain visibility online and thought about harnessing this potential to market businesses on the three major social media platforms that are popular in Kenya; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, ”Kironji told The Innovator.

Similar to the concert economy

Twiva works with a range of influencers and content creators at several companies who are able to hold jobs – a model similar to how the gig economy works.

As a business, when you sign up for operations with Twiva, your work request is published on the platform. After posting the job there, the influencer whose profile matches the job’s needs picks it up and an agreement is made on the payments, contract, and content generation plan.

Kironji says the most important thing is the content plan and how it will be delivered to the target market.

“A lot of people confuse subscriber numbers with online influence. It doesn’t always work like that. Plus, working with a celebrity doesn’t guarantee conversion. We have tried it before and we have failed terribly, ”he says.

“Yes, numbers are everything, but sometimes what matters is the content strategy and how it’s shared across platforms. ”

“Likes, retweets, clicks mean nothing if there is no conversion. It is necessary to ensure that the impact of each post is felt and the only way to infer is to see conversions in sales volume. It’s the content, its location and measuring and correcting it for better performance.


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