Medical window tinting application moves online


Delaware residents seeking a medical tint waiver will no longer begin the application process by picking up a paper application in person at a Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles facility.

Instead, they will start by completing the online medical tint exemption application at DMV will continue to process all medical shade waivers previously provided to customers on secure paper through October 31.

New applicants will go to – Online Services – Other Services, click Medical Shade Exemption Request and enter the required information. Then, print out the completed application and take it to his doctor for approval. Finally, the applicant will submit all pages in person to a DMV location for review and final approval.

When applying for a medical tint waiver for the first time, customers may include up to four vehicles if registered in their name. Residents with a current medical tint waiver will use the same online application to request additional waivers, up to four vehicles per request, if DMV can confirm that there is a valid medical tint waiver on file.

“We understand that your time is valuable,” said Delaware Motor Vehicle Division Manager Jana Simpler. “Putting the medical tint waiver application online allows us to streamline the process and reduce the number of DMV visits required to apply for a medical tint waiver. Additionally, allowing a person to add up to “Four vehicles per request significantly eliminates the need for multiple trips to your doctor’s office to obtain signatures. The new process will not only save our customers time, but also money.”

If you are requesting a medical tint waiver for a non-owner regular operator and/or passenger in your household, you will also need their Delaware ID number, driver’s license number, and date of birth.

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