Local businesses see buying boom during Small Business Saturday


The holiday, created around the 2010 recession, encourages consumers to go out and shop at local stores across the country. Including here in Northland.

“But it turned out to be one of the best Saturdays of the holidays,” says business owner Ed Barbo. His store, Ed Barbo’s Columbia Clothing, was one of the many stores that celebrated in Duluth.

And after a year of closures due to the pandemic, business owners are happy to see consumers again.

“We had crowds all day and saw a lot of stuff coming out, a lot of freebies, so it was great to see people in the store,” said Sam Brueggeman, director of Trail Fitters.

Sam says Trail Fitters saw people come just for Small Business on Saturday. He says, “You know, a ton of people mention that’s why they come, and it’s to support local businesses. And we appreciate it so much. ”

And this year is a very impactful small business Saturday due to the circumstances of last year. At AP Training in Duluth, the owners of the training studio invited their fellow small business owners to set up tables at their site.

Co-owner Paige Stratioti said, “It is important to recognize that many businesses have survived over the past two years. It was difficult. Duluth is therefore unique in that we have many local businesses. I think that makes it special and reminds us that it’s a cool place. “

With the pandemic, business owners have had to turn to the internet to survive, but now that consumers are shopping in person, there is a sense of normalcy. Sam Brueggeman even suggests it’s best to buy in person saying, “They’re able to figure it out a little bit more.” Find the right thing for someone. In person, it’s just easier to touch and feel something and get a good idea for that stuff. “

This generates even more enthusiasm and support for local stores across Northland.


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