Investment increases capacity of National Timber Systems


National Timber Systems (NTS), the specialist engineered wood products division of National Timber Group, is increasing its off-site manufacturing capacity this year with a £1.5 million investment from the group.

NTS products include gable and part spandrels, truss rafters, engineered joists, floor and roof cassettes, and an innovative “quick fit” panel roof system.

“National Timber Group’s investment allows us to add more truss presses, truss saws and joist files and lasers,” said Richard Jarvis, NTS operations manager.

“This improves our ability to provide high quality products and reduces delivery times for our customers across the country.

“The first quarter of 2022 was a record high in terms of revenue, and our order book is at the highest level ever. Our revenue target for 2022 is £48 million.

NTS was created in 2019 by combining the design, manufacturing and logistics capabilities of well-established companies Arnold Laver and NYTimber, both part of the National Timber Group.

Currently 240 people are employed at the four NTS sites in Sheffield and Catterick in Yorkshire, Hebburn in the North East and Bristol in the South West.

“NTS is one of our fastest growing divisions and it is important that we continue to support it and their growing customer base,” said Rob Barclay, CEO of National Timber Group.

“Following a £500,000 investment in relocating the Bristol site in 2021, the search for an additional new site for NTS is ongoing,” he added.

Richard Jarvis at NTS Mosborough, Sheffield


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