How your UAN details can help transfer an EPF account to a new employer

Individuals tend to change jobs due to various reasons including change of location, better opportunities, layoff, etc. But all these individuals if they are affiliated with the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) must ensure that their EPF account is transferred from their former employer to their current employer.

Individual employees can easily transfer their EPF, using UAN details. Members should remember that their Aadhaar must be linked and their bank details must be associated with their UAN in order to make their PF transfer requests online before submitting an account transfer request.

What is UAN?

EPFO will assign you a UAN (Universal Account Number). The UAN will serve as a single point of contact for the various Member IDs that have been assigned to an individual by various organizations.

The member must first activate their UAN by clicking on the “Activate your UAN” option on the UAN Member Portal. To activate their UAN on the UAN Member Portal, the member must have their UAN, mobile number and Member ID ready.

According to the EPFO ​​tweet, subscribers can submit their account transfer request online by following the instructions below.

Step 1: Visit Unified Member Portal and Login with UAN and Password

Step 2: Go to Online Services and click on ‘a Member – An EPF Account (Transfer Request)

Step 3: Verify “Personal Information” and PF account for current job

Step 4: Click “Get Details”, the PF account details from previous job will appear

Step 5: Choose a previous employer or a current employer for the attestation forms

Step 6: Click Get OTP to receive OTP on registered UAN mobile number.

Step 7: Enter OTP and click submit.

How to check if the EPF amount has been transferred

Step 1: Visit Unified Member Portal and Login with UAN and Password

Step 2: Under the “Online Services” section, click “Track Claim Status”

The member can access the booklet of all his identifiers after logging in. If the PF has been transferred, it will appear in the most recent passbook as a credit item. Otherwise, all passbooks from his previous Member IDs will show a balance. In this scenario, the member must file a transfer request online.

According to the FAQs on the EPFO ​​website, for online PF transfer, please ensure the following-

I. Employees must have activated their UAN at

II. The mobile number used for activation must also be active as OTP will be sent to this number.

III. Aadhaar number, the employee’s bank account should have been associated with the UAN.

IV. The date of leaving the previous job must have been entered.

V. Employer must have approved e-KYC.

VI. Only one transfer request against the old Member ID can be accepted.

VII. Personal details reflected under “Member Profile” should be checked and confirmed before applying.

Here are some FAQs on EPFO ​​transfer requests.

1) What is the importance of UAN on online transfer of PF?

UAN makes it possible to link several EPF accounts (Member ID) assigned to a single member. UAN offers a set of services such as a dynamically updated UAN card, an updated PF booklet including all transfer details, the ability to link the PF ID of previous members to the current PF ID, etc.

2) I have 2 different UANs with a MID bound to each. How can I file a transfer request online in this case?

In such a case, there is no provision to file a transfer request online. However, a physical claim can be filed by duly mentioning previous and current employment details. Physical Form 13 (Transfer Request) can be downloaded from

The same must be attested by the authorized signatory of the current or previous employer and submitted to the relevant field office. In order to benefit from all the online services once the transfer has been made, the member is advised to do the KYC of his last UAN. Thereafter, when changing jobs, the member must disclose their KYC-compliant UAN to their new employer to avoid duplicity of the UAN number.

3) How do I track the status of a transfer request online?

The e-SEWA Member Portal allows the Member to track the status of the submitted transfer request by accessing the ‘Online Services’ tab and then ‘Track Request Status’. Once the application is submitted, the status displayed is “Pending with employer”. If the employer approves the transfer request, the status of the form changes to – “Accepted by employer. Pending at field office”.


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