Hong Kong and Macao laws must change: Legislative report


There have been far fewer investment requests in Taiwan from China than in Hong Kong, implying that the Chinese are registering their businesses in the territory

  • By Wu Su-wei and Jake Chung/staff reporter, with a staff writer

A report from the Office of Organic Laws and Statutes of the Legislative Yuan said the policy regarding Hong Kong and Macau as “foreign countries” separate from China should be reviewed to protect national security.

Under standing government policy and the Hong Kong and Macau Relations Law (香港澳門關係條例), residents of the two territories are treated as foreigners when investing, working or studying in Taiwan, and do not fall outside the jurisdiction of the Law Governing Relations Between People of the Taiwan-Mainland Area (臺灣地區與大陸地區人民關係條例), the report said.

Hong Kong investors have far more investment options and the review of their applications is much more relaxed than for Chinese, according to the report.

Photo: Reuters

For the whole of last year, there were 49 requests from China to invest in Taiwan, while there were 691 from Hong Kong, an indicator that the Chinese are exploiting a legal loophole by registering their companies in Taiwan. Hong Kong, according to the report.

Since China imposed its national security law on Hong Kong, the “one China, two systems” concept has undergone drastic changes in Hong Kong and Macau, as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has pushed policies to accelerate the integration of Hong Kong and Macau with China.

The report cites a fundamental shift in Hong Kong’s demographic dynamics, as 1.25 million Chinese have immigrated to Hong Kong over the past 25 years.

This does not include Chinese who immigrated as a result of Hong Kong’s plan to attract Chinese talent, the report said, adding that Hong Kong’s Chinese population makes up a significant portion of the territory’s population of 7 million. inhabitants.

Changing population dynamics, as well as shifting Chinese policies towards the government of Hong Kong and Macau, have created doubts about the autonomy of the two territories, and the government should reconsider its policies for them, said he declared.

Additionally, the government must consider the national security implications of such policies, as Taiwan, which depends on its high-tech industry, cannot afford Chinese investors to siphon off its talent pool using Hong Kong companies. Kong as a facade, according to the report. .

Although amendments to the law governing relations between people in the Taiwan region and the mainland region were made to prevent Chinese investors from exploiting loopholes, no follow-up amendments were made to the law governing relations with Hong Kong and Macau, according to the report mentioned.

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