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The National Coffee Association reported last year that Americans are drinking more coffee than ever before and are turning to convenient, on-the-go options. And since September 29 is National Coffee Day, there’s no better day to talk about saving money on coffee, especially since the average American spends it. $ 1,100 per year on coffee, according to investment app research Tassels.

In honor of the feast, Circle K is offering free coffee to all customers on September 29 at participating branches. All you have to do is send a “FREE” SMS to “31310” to receive a digital coupon for a free cup of coffee.

Besides, Starbucks offers free iced or hot Pike Place coffee when you bring a clean, reusable mug, up to 20 fl oz. And Dunkin ‘ customers can get free medium hot or iced coffee with any purchase.

Hopefully this free mug will alleviate some of the rising coffee prices. According to Consumer price index, coffee prices have increased by 5% since November 2020. In addition, futures on coffee, which are agreed prices that buyers pay for coffee when it is received in the future, have skyrocketed in recent months. Put simply, the price of your next cup of coffee can go up.

While you enjoy your free cup today, here’s how you can save money on your next cup of java, whether at home or on the go.

Here’s how you can save money on coffee

1. Don’t overlook fast food and gas station options

While your local cafe may have a better soundtrack, more and more fast food outlets and gas stations are getting into the coffee game, and they are much more affordable.

Panera Bread offers the MyPanera + coffee subscription, where you can get unlimited coffee and tea for $ 8.99 per month, and the first three months are free. Circle K launched their own similar service: for $ 5.99 per month, you can get one drink (including soda) per day.

So, rather than paying over $ 7 for a cup of coffee, consider one of these services if you’re a regular coffee drinker who likes to grab their coffee while running.

If you are a regular at a cafe …

Be sure to ask if there is a rewards program of any kind. Large retailers such as Starbucks and Dunkin ‘ each has a rewards app that awards points for every purchase you make so that you can redeem them later for free items. And chances are your local cafe still has an old-fashioned punch card so you can earn free coffee after a certain amount of purchases.

2. Consider buying a French press, or some other method

There are many ways to make coffee at home, on the cheap. My favorite way to brew my morning cup of coffee is with a French press. I paid around $ 11 for mine, and it’s super easy to use and clean.

Other options for profitable coffee preparation are:

  • Chemex
  • To pay
  • A traditional filter coffee machine
  • AeroPress

Each of them requires no more than $ 30 of investment, and when you buy your coffee in bulk, you can start brewing endless cups of coffee for next to nothing.

Looking for more DIY options? Check out these recommendations for best coffee makers and the best cheap espresso machines.

3. Buy your coffee in bulk

If you have a membership – or a helpful friend or family member with one – at a wholesale store like Costco, consider buying your coffee in bulk. Since regular coffee drinkers will eventually find their way through the whole bag, it makes sense to get what you pay for.

Personally, I buy the Kirkland Signature Medium House Blend for around $ 13 for 2.5 pounds of coffee. However, since it takes time, be sure to invest in an airtight container to hold the coffee. I got mine from Amazon for around $ 8.

Don’t miss our roundup of the best cards to use when shopping at Costco.

4. Consider a rewards credit card

With the right credit card, you can earn points or cash back on every coffee purchase. Here are some credit cards to consider:

The Favorite Chase Sapphire gives you 3X points per dollar spent on travel and meals, which includes cafes. And the card currently has a welcome offer of 100,000 points after spending $ 4,000 in the first three months of card membership.

If you prefer the more economical approach of brewing your coffee at home, the American Express Gold Card is a great credit card with travel rewards, ideal for supermarket purchases. With the AmEx Gold card, you can earn 4x more points per dollar spent in US supermarkets for up to $ 25,000 in purchases per year. The card currently offers new cardholders the opportunity to earn 60,000 Membership Rewards® points after spending $ 4,000 on qualifying purchases within the first six months of opening the account.

At the end of the line

For many people around the world, coffee is virtually a necessity. However, while it may seem like a small cost, it is something well worth it. budgeting for.

Whether you’re enjoying your $ 6 Starbucks Frappuccino or just a cup of coffee at home, there are ways you can afford your daily cup of coffee, without breaking the bank.

So, on the occasion of National Coffee Day, make the most of it!

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