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Illinois Governor JB Pritzker is running for re-election in a rocky term, and six Republican candidates hope to give the state its third GOP governor in the past 20 years.

Pritzker, who beat Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner in the 2018 race, has invited a host of challengers who have criticized his handling of the state budget, the COVID pandemic and more over the years.

These candidates are currently trying to differentiate themselves from each other in hopes of defeating Pritzker in the 2022 general election in November.

Here are the six Republican candidates currently on the ballot in Illinois, along with their lieutenant governor selections.

Darren Bailey/Stephanie Trussel

Bailey, a state senator representing the 109and A southern district of Illinois, Hade made a name for itself after filing lawsuits against Pritzker’s executive orders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bailey prioritized cutting taxes and remove all remaining COVID mitigations as his key campaign promises, saying the state’s economy needs full opening to grow and develop.

He has also proposed bills that would overturn what he calls “onerous gun legislation” and says he is totally opposed to state and taxpayer funding of abortions.

Richard Irvin/Avery Bourne

Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin has made prioritizing investments in police and law enforcement a hallmark of his campaign, criticizing crime bills and law enforcement reform legislation. font adopted by Pritzker and the Democrats in the General Assembly.

Irvin says he is proposing legislation to hire more police to combat rising crime, especially in Chicago, and also proposed bills that would lower property taxes, reduce government spending, and establish term limits for lawmakers in the States.

Gary Rabine/Aaron Del Mar

Rabine campaigned on his business degreesciting his creation of more than 30 small businesses as one of the key elements of his campaign.

His campaign promises to use that expertise to push legislation that would encourage investment and job creation in the state, as well as lower taxes on state residents.

Rabine also offered more funding for law enforcement as part of his platform.

Paul Schimpf/Carolyn Schofield

A former Illinois state senator’ 58and District, Schimpf served on a wide variety of committees during his time in Springfield, including the Judiciary Committee and the Telecommunications and Agriculture Committees.

A former Marine who graduated from Southern Illinois University Law School, Schimpf cleaned up corruption a priority for his campaign. He also opposes government excesses in handling the COVID pandemic, as well as vaccine mandates of any kind.

Max Solomon/Latasha Champs

Licensed lawyer and ordained Christian minister, Solomon’s campaign website describes him as a “social and fiscal conservative”.

Her campaign says she will focus on legislation that would allow parents to receive vouchers to send their children to private schools, as well as bills to cut taxes and bills banning warrants. masks and other COVID mitigation measures.

Jesse Sullivan / Kathleen Murphy

A businessman, Sullivan has presented himself as an “anti-politician” who plans to tackle several issues in Illinois, including tax reform and increased funding for law enforcement.

His campaign website is committed to lowering business taxes to encourage the opening of small businesses in Illinois, as well as addressing issues with the state’s public employee retirement system.

Sullivan also presented a campaign platform board to increase investments in law enforcement through his “Safe Streets Plan”, which will focus on “enforcement”, “protecting heroes”. and “the restoration of responsibility”.


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