Hashtag trending November 17 – Amazon fined; internet-savvy buyers; US government refuses to manufacture chips in China


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Amazon fined $ 500,000 for hiding Covid numbers, homebuyers prioritize good internet, and US government opposes manufacturing Intel in China.

It’s all the tech news that is trending right now, welcome to Hashtag Trending! It is Wednesday November 17th and I am your host, Tom Li.

Amazon will be forced to pay the state of California $ 500,000 after allegedly “withholding COVID-19 case numbers from its employees.” According to an article by The Los Angeles Times, the decision came out on Monday and became the first action under the state’s new “right to know” law, intended to improve workplace safety. In addition to the fine, Amazon will be responsible for notifying warehouse workers when new cases arise during the day, and will also have to disclose the number of cases in their workplace. While the fine is ultimately tiny compared to giant Amazon, the fine is nonetheless among the largest imposed by the state during the pandemic.

A study by the Omdia research group found that a fast internet connection is now one of the most important factors for homebuyers, according to an article in the BBC. The study, which surveyed nearly 300 estate agents in the UK, found that questions about ‘full fiber’ broadband have increased by almost 70% since March 2020. Additionally, the study found that Internet connectivity only exceeds the size of the home in terms of importance to home buyers. . The magic number, according to the research team, appears to be 300 Mbps, which about a third of homebuyers are actively looking for. Almost a quarter of homebuyers are aiming even higher, hoping for internet speeds of 1 Gbps. The emphasis on the quality of the Internet has naturally increased during the pandemic with a dramatic increase in working from home.

Finally, the US government reportedly rejected a deal that Intel would produce more silicon wafers in China amid a global chip shortage. According to an article by PC player, Intel planned to have a factory operational by the end of 2022. At the same time, Intel requested federal assistance from the United States in an effort to increase production. US President Joe Biden has reportedly strongly advised against Intel’s attempt to use a postman in the Chinese city of Chengdu, in part to push manufacturing more locally as well as for security reasons. The United States also pledged to invest more in silicon research and manufacturing on American soil with the CHIPS Act, which would see more than $ 50 billion invested as a way to stay competitive with China.

And now for something a little different. A new electric car dubbed INDI One, unveiled today at Automobility LA, features a host of fascinating features, including an integrated computer capable of high-end gaming. Some of the car’s other features, according to a TechRepublic article, will include a full Windows workstation, virtual reality capabilities and perhaps most absurdly, “Multiple indoor and outdoor cameras for live streaming of video and viewing. shooting, editing and downloading content ”. The car is expected to emerge as a result of President Biden’s infrastructure bill, which will see a significant level of investment in electric vehicles and EV infrastructure. This includes a $ 7.5 billion investment in projects such as fast charging stations, which would ideally result in more stations spread evenly across the United States.

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