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Greenheart Sees 600% Increase As ZenaPay Wallet Mobile App Launch Approaches

According to an in-depth analysis based on the economic life of smallholder farmers as collected and written by George Rapsomanikis, most smallholder farmers in emerging markets like cannabinoids [CBD] live on less than $ 2 a day, a pittance for a group of hardworking individuals. According to the aforementioned source, the main reason for this is the existence of a ton of decisions to be made as well as the resulting effects of adverse factors such as bad weather and constant price spikes.

What’s more, most farmers are trapped in an immobile cycle where incredibly low profit margins force them to live below the norm. Funding and the inability to farm successfully have also been identified as key issues facing farmers in emerging markets.

Greenheart CBD, an emerging platform in the trillion dollar crypto and blockchain market, was designed to address these common sticking points. This platform seeks to address these issues by providing funding, technology, and education for farmers to start growing CBD hemp for production.

The vision of the CBD Greenheart platform

Committed to providing farmers with financing and education, Greenheart CBD has partnered with various platforms and organizations, including Eppaz Inc., a renowned cryptocurrency mobile app and cloud-based business software.

This consortium, as a recent press release revealed, will see Greenheart CBD leverage Eppaz’s StreamPay technology to efficiently manage all loans and payments made to farmers. The vision of this CBD proliferation platform is to help hemp growers by offering them loans that will be repaid from CBD productions and sales in the future.

StreamPay, according to the press release, will keep track of raw materials from hemp farms to products or finished products. This unprecedented move will help provide credibility while mitigating the fraud that has become a major concern for all CBD enthusiasts. Thanks to this recent partnership, consumers, through a QR code, can scan and see the production process of the oil, as well as a picture of the farmer.

With blockchain capable of redefining e-commerce as reported by BTC Peers, the integration of the immutable distributed ledger into the supply chain industry has been the subject of long discussions, with experts predicting that this move will disrupt the market. $ 16 billion market. [2020 estimate]. Eppaz Inc. through this mobile app in collaboration with Greenheart CBD will offer the permanent technology one of its most important use cases in recent times. Businesses can confidently use this app to track agricultural products, dispelling fraud and other associated malicious intent.

As Greenheart is set to launch its mobile app through ZenaPay Wallet, statistics have revealed a 600% increase in the value of the Greenheart token, $ CBD. Surprisingly, the token closed three staking pools in less than three months, an incredible feat for a project still in its infancy.

Currently, this platform has more than 6,000 token holders and customers who could potentially be the first group of individuals to use this mobile application, the development team says.

The Greenheart CBD platform’s collaborations with StreamPay and ZenaPay will enable it to track the growth process of end-product CBD, respectively, and enable companies to pay employees and vendors using cryptocurrencies. In addition, a plethora of other features such as seed-to-sale tracking, ecommerce store, and sales compliance will be introduced as a follow-up as noted in the aforementioned press release.

Speaking to reporters about this project, the Managing Director of Alphabit Fund [a key partner of this platform], Liam Robertson revealed that Greenheart CBD is committed to making a meaningful difference in today’s world with an original and unique approach to helping farmers break out of the “poverty trap”.

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