Forever 21 enters Metaverse allowing Roblox users to own their own store


Fashion retailer Forever 21 launches Forever 21 Shop City, designed to allow Roblox users, fashion influencers and creators of the creative world to own and manage their personal store.

The retailer, owned by Authentic Brands Group, has entered into an exclusive partnership with Virtual Brand Group, a metaverse creation company, to create a fashion retail experience on Roblox, a global online platform for shared experiences connecting tens of millions of people every day.

Users will be able to buy and sell Forever 21 merchandise including accessories and clothing, hire non-player characters (NPCs) as employees, and express themselves by customizing every aspect of their own store as they attempt to become the “best store” in the experience. Forever 21 Shop City is a first community game released in collaboration with some of Roblox’s most ‘fabulous’ user-generated content creators and influencers on Roblox. Sam Jordan @Builder_Boy curated the Forever21 Shop City fashion line in partnership with – @Beeism, @OceanOrbsRBX and @ JazzyX3 who all created exclusive items for Forever 21 Shop City and collectively had millions of item sales on the platform. In addition, Forever 21 Shop City will feature stores designed personally by influencers such as KrystinPlays, Shaylo and the Sopo Squad.

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“The metaverse is the most transformative innovation since the inception of the Internet. Roblox is one of the platforms creating the biggest business opportunities for brands with over 50 million daily active users who socialize and live digital lives for hours every day just like my son, daughter and all their friends. do. That’s why I created the Virtual Brand Group, ”said Justin Hochberg, CEO of VBG. “Our collaboration with Forever 21 not only marks one of the biggest Metaverse launches this year, but also one that uniquely combines the physical and virtual worlds by delivering Forever 21 IRL content in-game and finding ways for Roblox UGC creations to exist IRL. “

Forever 21 Shop City allows gamers to create and manage every aspect of the game with an unprecedented amount of control, encouraging them to express their individuality when building their store with unprecedented customization options.

“With Forever 21 Shop City, our goal is to broaden the way we engage with customers, expanding our presence and our products in new ways, ”said Katrina Glusac, Director of Merchandising at Forever 21.“ We are excited to provide a new space on Roblox where our fans can connect with their community and bring their own vision of Forever 21 to life.

The main features include:

  • Store location: Shop builders will be able to choose and trade their locations anywhere in the game.
  • Tasks: Users run their store with real functionality including inventory, performing various jobs, assisting customers, using the cash register, hiring employees, and decorating their windows.
  • Interior customization: Users will be able to buy, place, mix and match assets in their store, from furniture and accessories to art, lighting and music that match their style.
  • Curating Merchandise from physical to virtual and vice versa: As Forever 21 releases new collections in its physical and e-commerce stores, Forever 21 Shop City will simultaneously offer the option to add the same merchandise to each store or purchase it for your Roblox avatar.
  • Unique building upgrades and store styles: All users start with an elegant glass store ready to be personalized. As they succeed, users earn points for expanding their store, not only adding additional floors and options, but also custom exteriors with lights and architectural themes such as Cottage Core, FutureScape, Cyber Punk, Eco-Urban and Malibu Mansion.

Forever 21 Shop City Also features four exciting themed districts including entertainment, obstacle course, food court, and yellow carpet, where users can role-play, meet friends, uncover rare hidden items, and build their community. Key locations include:

  • Yellow Carpet Zone: each user enters Forever 21 Shop City with an iconic yellow carpet appearance to muffled music and frenzied paparazzi, screaming for a snap of each avatar. Users can strike a pose and share their styles with friends and on social media using one of six exclusive frame styles.
  • Forever 21 Flagship Store: Located in the heart of Forever 21 Shop City users get drops of new merchandise for themselves and their stores, replenish inventory, socialize with others, and discover new design elements to use in their stores.

Every 21st of each month, Forever 21 Shop City will have “Forever 21 Day”, incorporating new content and thematic activities. December 21 will mark the very first Forever 21 Day and will begin with a holiday-themed update. To learn more about Forever 21 Shop City, including how to download and play the game on mobile, PC or Mac, visit


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