Food & Dairy boosts online sales with Sana Commerce ordering portal


The Sydney Food & Dairy wholesaler saw strong growth in online sales after rolling out Sana Commerce’s online ordering portal.

According to Food & Dairy, the portal infrastructure enabled 82% of customers to place their orders online and a 75% drop in customer service calls.

An Australian family business, Food & Dairy supplies produce to restaurants and cafes in the Sydney area.

Food & Dairy’s chief financial officer, Daniel Wickman, said the company’s strong growth in recent years has put increasing pressure on the company’s order-taking processes.

“Our customers tend to assess their inventory needs after hours each evening,” Wickman said. “This meant our staff had to process between 600 and 700 orders in two hours and it was becoming unsustainable.”

A new order processing platform
In 2021, to meet this challenge, Food & Dairy decided to deploy a more modern ERP system as well as a B2B e-commerce platform that would be intuitive and accessible to both staff and customers.

“We decided we needed to move to an online ordering system to streamline processes and reduce staff workload,” Wickman said. “We turned to our technology partner Microchannel for help and advice.”

After considering a range of alternatives, Food & Dairy rolled out Microsoft Business Central and Sana Commerce.

Significant business benefits
Once the new ordering platform was up and running, Food & Dairy saw significant business benefits.

Wickman said customer agents can spend more time in quality interactions with customers rather than just taking product orders.

“We also quickly found that staff wasted less time with the improved workflows that are now in place,” Wickman said.

“While the initial implementation meant some customers needed more integration than others, the end result meant the customer service team went from processing 500 orders a day to just 120 a day. following the project.

Wickman said the new integrated platform has also helped the company transition to remote working.

“Before working on a cloud-based system, working from home meant having to access the company server remotely using independent software,” Wickman said.

“By moving to Sana Commerce and Business Central, not only was the whole team able to enjoy the flexibility of remote working, even after the pandemic, but it also meant that they were able to work during the pandemic undisturbed. “

The new platform has also improved data quality across the enterprise.

Another significant benefit offered by the new ordering platform was the way it made it easier for customers to explore the entire product range before placing an order.

“The idea was to get customers to browse and see our lineup,” Wickman said.

“We have 400 SKUs and we probably have about 70 that everyone buys that are really popular. This number is increasing. »

Lessons learned
Wickman said that while the deployment of Sana Commerce and Business Central went smoothly, some relevant lessons were still learned in the process.

First: the initial planning is very important because it ensures that the new technology will fully meet the needs of the business.

“It’s also important not to rush deployment,” Wickman said. “It’s natural to be deeply invested in the outcome of a project like this, but it’s essential to give the IT team as much time as needed to complete the process.”

Wickman said Food & Dairy plans to continue to research innovative ways to expand and improve the new Sana Commerce platform in the coming months.

“We are confident that we now have a scalable and flexible platform that can support our continued growth,” Wickman said. “Thanks to Sana Commerce, we are able to continue to improve our levels of customer service.”


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