Ed Westwick Busts Investing Myths for Investing App Shares


Directed by Tom Clover of Sticker Studios, the spots show how fun investing with friends can be with Shares

Tom Clover has teamed up with Brother Film and idol Ed Westwick for a series of playful commercials for the investing app, Shares. In the series of ads, Ed busts some myths about what investing is and how it can be a fun place to be when you invest with your friends. Tom brings his brand of whimsical, wacky cinema to the table with a colorful palette of visuals and Ed… well Ed brings some smoldering lines of dialogue to the fore with a cheeky nod to the camera.

Business Bores – we see a boring old meeting turn into a technicolor disco party with dogs wearing sunglasses, now it’s not boring.

Lone Wolf – her other adorable commercial although I’m not entirely sure how Penelope managed to use the smartphone so easily that most dogs have trouble bringing the stick back.

Fortune Teller – When investing, no one can really look into the future, can they? Because with stocks, investing can always be fruitful with friends.

If only we all had friends as cool as Penelope to chat with…

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Company Name: Shares


Company Name: Brother Movie

Creative Director: Marcus Ellingham

Director: Tom Clover

Director’s representative: sticker studios

1st AD: Alasdair Copland

2nd AD: Laura Carrion Del Pozo

Producer: adam holmes

Production director: Georgiana Clark

Location Manager: Jamie Platt

Production assistant: Graham Malloy

Production assistant: James Lamb

Director of Photography: Adam Singodie

Steadicam: Marcus Albertsen

1st AC: Ollie Pearson

2nd Board: Laura Aguilera

Digital Imaging Technician: Luke Ellingham

Artistic director: Max Lincoln

Head of props: David Dickinson

Artistic assistant: georgia kerr

Artistic assistant: Olga Zoe Mendrinos

Artistic assistant: Harry Beedle

Photographer: will hear

Stylist: Carlotta Constant

Stylist: Emelia Gayner

Stylist: Ashley Powell

Stylist: Jamie Fernandez

Hair and makeup: Jennifer Lo

Hair and makeup: Amy Goode

Blunderer: Rice Al

Spark: Dorothee Iskrzynska

Spark: Alex Cullen

Foundry: Hannah Williamson

Post production / VFX

Company Name: Brother Movie

Animation: Jakob Thorhallsson

Colorist: Dan Moran

Color classification: Suzi Grochala


Company Name: Brother Movie

Editor: Marcus Ellingham

Music / Sound

Company Name: Brother Music

Sound Designer: Hugo Ellingham

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