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New Delhi: “It will sell on its own since we made such a great product.” is a famous business fallacy. Your business is not a business unless it has supported users. And users will only come if you focus on distribution. So, if you are starting to trade online this Diwali, there are some factors to keep in mind.Also Read – Diwali 2021: 10 Ways To Keep Your Lungs Healthy This Holiday Season

What is diffusion?

Distribution is how your product reaches your end consumers. With new entrepreneurs, distribution is always an afterthought – which is why they often fail. Also Read – Deepotsav 2021: UP’s Ayodhya Will Be Illuminated With 12 Lakh Lamps This Diwali

Getting your product to market for the first time is anything but easy. Sometimes it crashes. This whole process requires more thought than it has. There is a name for that: go-to-market. A crash during marketing can be devastating for new entrepreneurs. Read also – Students from Allahabad University create beautiful sand art to raise awareness of eco-diwali | See the pictures

The good news is that while you can’t ensure a smooth landing, you can still avoid a crash. Follow this diagram:

  1. Find the first niche to attack and focus on it. Limit yourself to a small segment of your market for GTM (go-to-market), don’t go after everyone. You have to be something for someone before you become everything for everyone.
  2. Read the thoughts of your users. What’s the best way to know your users? Talk to them. Talking to your users will give you more real knowledge than third-party market research ever will. But how will you get access to your users before the product is launched? Start an online community around your niche (Hack: run it like your school / college club). A community is the easiest way to read the minds of your users and co-build a business with them that they will love.
  3. You now have a low risk GTM; your initial distribution. You don’t have to start from scratch when it comes to testing or bringing your product to market. The best part, given that you’ve built trust in this online community over time, a small percentage of them might turn out to be your early adopters and even brand loyalists.
  4. Let the loyalists expand your distribution. There’s no better way to grow than by getting a group of like-minded people together and letting them invite their like-minded friends. Introduce referral programs to speed it up – get members of your online community to refer you to more users (e.g. this can be monetary, cashback, thank you note, giveaway, etc.).

If done right, it triggers a word-of-mouth loop that attracts more users by expanding your distribution.

If I were to use just one line that would help you set direction on how to approach distribution (and GTM), it’s “Start your online community!” “.

But where? Explore platforms like Reddit, Discord, Telegram, and Scenes by Avalon. These are some of the best (and free) places on the internet where you can build and manage your community.

(The author is Abhinav Arora, Co-Founder and Marketing Director, Scenes by Avalon)

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