Deal of the day: Now you can get lifetime access to Microsoft Office 2021 for less than $50



Whether you need Word for work, Teams for meetings, or Excel for tracking family finances, the longtime king of office apps is incredibly useful, and its documents are universally shareable. Corn! The license can be expensive, as it usually costs $349. That’s why we’re highlighting this lifetime license agreement from Stacksocial: you can get the full Microsoft Office 2021 suite for just $49. It is available for Mac and the Windows at the same price.

Microsoft Office Home and Business for Mac 2021: Lifetime License

$349 $49.99

This bundle is for families, students, and small businesses who want classic Microsoft Office apps and email. It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and OneNote.

What reviewers say about Microsoft Office: PCMag states that the latest iteration of the office suite “is faster and has some welcome additions – now shipping with Microsoft Teams and adding on-the-fly language translation to Outlook, for example. Office 2021 isn’t a game-changing change from the killer suite, but that’s okay.

Reviewers at Stacksocial find the following very useful. “Microsoft Office is the benchmark for office productivity applications. I wanted the latest version for Mac and this meets my needs,” said one reviewer. Reviewers say the deal itself is outstanding, and downloading the software after purchase is easy. “My download was sent immediately and the suite itself seems reliable so far… Highly recommend this product if you are looking to stay up to date with the latest version of this software suite,” wrote another.

Other things to consider: PCMag notes that buying the proprietary software may not be preferential for people who can upgrade to the Microsoft 365 subscription: “If you like the idea of ​​monthly help with new features and need the latest and greatest best features, plus a terabyte of online storage for backup and sync, then get the subscription version.

This publisher struggles to find a lot of cons here, as this offer is aimed at Microsoft Office enthusiasts. But, if you’re like me and a Google Drive evangelist, purchasing this deal may not help you in your quest to convert office lifers to the dark side.

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