Catriona Gray supports MVP’s digital health app

Lea C. Salterio – The Star of the Philippines

October 31, 2022 | 00:00

MANILA, Philippines – Beauty queen, host and youth advocate Catriona Gray recently hosted an afternoon where the first digital health app, MWell, celebrated many firsts in just over a year after its launch. pilot launch.

The former Miss Universe announced MWell’s pioneering efforts that helped redefine not just telemedicine, but the entire healthcare landscape. She was joined by Metro Pacific Investment Corporation (MPIC) Chairman and CEO Manny Pangilinan and Metro Pacific Chief Financial, Risk and Sustainability Officer Chaye Cabal-Revilla, as well as heads of the digital health app.

“Today, booking a consultation even late at night is possible with digital healthcare, MWell, with its innovative platform that has been well received by hundreds of doctors across the country,” Catriona pointed out. “That’s because the interface was created by doctors for doctors.”

Catriona, who was recently nominated for Best Host/Presenter in the Digital category at the Asian Television Awards to be held on December 1, was joined by other celebrities virtually in support of the health technology platform.

MWell, however, is not MPIC’s first investment in healthcare. In 2007, the company invested in Makati Medical Center (MMC). Also at that time, the group was already engaged in medical missions in various parts of the country.

“With the MWell app, it allows more medical missions to be conducted in more parts of the country, whether on wheels or digitally. In a way, the digital reach of MWell gives it more permanence. That’s a more sustainable type of service that can be extended to the population,” Pangilinan said.

MWell’s main objective is to improve healthcare services, especially for all its provincial hospitals. “When we first invested in a particular provincial hospital ten years ago in a major city in the province, they had to travel to Cebu or even Manila to perform open-heart surgery on a patient,” Pangilinan said.

“One of our main goals, eventually for all of our provincial hospitals, is to be able to perform even sensitive procedures. Maybe not all but at least to modernize. Thus, the inhabitants of that particular city or town will be able to benefit from the local services that they render and at a lower cost. »

MWell is the Philippines’ first fully integrated health app that brings together experts in technology, medicine, wellness and healthcare in one sustainable living ecosystem. This powerful platform provides access to quality health care.

MWell will not replicate what doctors and hospitals do. Revilla said, “MWell will be in the virtual space. MWell gives Filipinos the opportunity to expand healthcare services across the country and even overseas. This is the next big step, as technology will break down geographical barriers. It is very important for Filipinos.

MWell ensures that the app and platform are usable and easy for doctors, as well as patients. “A doctor only needs to take a photo of their PRC license and all the details will automatically be uploaded to our system. Very easy to use. »


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