Business Insider: Internet shutdowns in 2021 will cost billions


According to a Business Insider report, internet shutdowns and censorship in Sudan, Myanmar, Nigeria and elsewhere have cost the global economy $5.5 billion.

AlTaghyeer: Agencies

The report noted that Myanmar was the country most affected by internet shutdowns in 2021, costing the country around $2.8 billion in the process.

Internet shutdowns in Myanmar reportedly became very frequent after the military took control of the country in a coup on February 2n/a of 2021.

Business Insider also noted that Nigeria lost an estimated $1.5 billion after the government banned access to social networking site Twitter.

“From advertising to customer support, social media platforms are a vital tool for businesses around the world and when taken offline they can really suffer,” an expert said in the Business Insider report.

The expert, Samuel Woodhams, noted that with 2022 already witnessing internet shutdowns in Sudan and Kazakhstan, the problems are “far from becoming things of the past”.

Stops in Sudan

Internet services in Sudan were completely shut down after Abdel Fattah al-Burhan’s coup against the military government on October 25and, 2021.

Sudanese citizens were unable to access online services for a period of approximately three weeks before services were restored on 18and of November last year.

Internet outages, however, continued in Sudan after the 18and November, as the coup government shut down the internet and called services on the day of the mass protests.

The QZ website reported that internet shutdowns that took place “for a total of 1,560 hours” had cost “an economic cost of $1.8 billion”.

The total cost of global Internet shutdown operations in Africa was $2.1 billion.


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