Build trust and increase conversions with 6 key principles [Webinar]


The digital landscape is highly competitive and extremely oversaturated.

And when it comes to digital marketing, how can you differentiate your business from the competition and capture the attention of your target audience?

What are effective tactics for creating compelling campaigns that are sure to stand out?

The answer: Understanding trust levels that help build a strong marketing foundation.

Building trust with your chosen marketing agency or team and establishing a strong marketing foundation is critical to the success of your business.

Register for our webinar, 6 keys your business needs to win with your marketing agencyand learn how to build relationships and create effective campaigns that generate genuine interest and turn consideration into conversions.

1. Align your goals

During this live session, you’ll learn about the key areas where your agency needs to align with your goals:

  • Transparency: How to have 100% transparency on every dollar you invest with one goal in mind: to deliver true return on investment (ROI).
  • Investments: How to respect your investments in digital media in the same way as traditional financial investments.
  • Investment models: Understand that the math should always make sense to ensure the investment models implemented set the programs up for success.
  • Expectations: How to work together to set realistic expectations in terms of level of investment and return on investment.
  • Followed: Learn to track everything – the data always tells the real story.
  • Results: Mutual understanding that if your company wins, your agency/team wins too!

The most impactful digital strategies are those that focus on transparency with your marketing team and creating value for users.

In this webinar, Eric and Erin Wilder, co-founders of 81 & Sunnydig deeper into these principles and learn how they can help you get results.

The key to success online with an agency is understanding the delicate balance of your goals, setting realistic expectations, and ensuring that the investment models implemented will help you achieve your goals.

“It’s not about following the traditional marketing funnel (awareness → consideration → conversion) because it’s common knowledge among all marketers and advertisers. It all depends on how a marketer s performs through the marketing funnel, given its client’s goals and available resources, making a partnership scalable and successful.”

– 81 & Sunny

2. Understand your business

When implementing a digital marketing strategy for your business, ask yourself:

  • What platforms should I invest in to achieve business goals?
  • Which platforms generate the highest quality leads from a conversion to sale ratio or generate the most online sales?
  • Which platform is the most efficient or profitable for my business?
  • Is lead quantity or quality better suited to my business model?
  • Can I afford a multi-channel strategy while being profitable?
  • Am I investing enough to compete or beat my competitors?

Getting ahead in this oversaturated market starts with aligning goals with your agency and creating value for your audience.

Looking to outperform your competition and increase organic conversions?

Join us and our special guests on October 12 at 2 p.m.and learn what it takes to develop a winning digital strategy for your business.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions about your unique situation during a live Q&A session.

Can’t stream the webinar live? Register now and we’ll send you the on-demand version after the event.


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