Biden slams Buffalo shooting as ‘domestic terrorism’, says ‘white supremacy is poison’


BUFFALO, NY- The city of Buffalo continues to mourn those who lost their lives in the supermarket shooting on Saturday.

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden visited the site on Tuesday where 10 people tragically died in a racist shooting targeting black people.

As CBS2’s Elijah Westbrook reports, it was truly a day of comfort and healing in Buffalo. The community has come together to help those affected by Saturday’s shooting.

It comes as the president who visited the city on Tuesday was quick to condemn the racist attack, calling it an act of domestic terrorism and white supremacy.

The president and first lady laid a wreath at a makeshift memorial site opposite the supermarket, where 10 people lost their lives in Saturday’s attack.

The first couple spent the early afternoon in the city meeting with families of victims and members of the community who continue to be affected by Saturday’s deadly shooting.

“In America, evil will not win, I promise you. Hate will not prevail. White supremacy will not have the last laugh,” Biden said.

In a moving speech, Biden condemned the act, calling it domestic terrorism while denouncing the ideology of “replacement theory,” a racist and anti-Semitic notion that non-white immigrants will replace whites in the economy and Culture.

“What happened here is simple and straightforward – terrorism,” Biden said. “A vicious lust for power that defines a group of people as inherently inferior to any other group. A hatred that, through media, politics and the internet, has radicalized angry, alienated, lost and isolated individuals into mistakenly believing they will Is handed over, replaced.”

The president issued a call to action.

“We can tackle the relentless exploitation of the internet to recruit and mobilize terrorism. We just have to have the courage to do it, to stand up,” Biden said.

Just a few miles from where Biden spoke, the healing process began. The neighborhood that many say is now traumatized has rallied in numbers, showing strength and unity.

“We need more of that. It’s beautiful here,” Buffalo resident Rene James said.

James and his baby depend heavily on the Tops supermarket, which is now temporarily closed. Seeing the volunteers and organizations there on Tuesday meant so much.

“It was mostly my Tops coming up when I was shopping,” James said.

The need is so great in the neighborhood.

“We ran out of food for an hour on the first day. We had three pallets there and we come every day and see the needs and the people who are suffering. Let’s pray for the people,” one person said.

It was a powerful day of comfort.

The organizations say they will be there the rest of the week to provide meals to the suffering community. There has been an outpouring of support for an area people call home.


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