Bengaluru man sets up desk in cafe as office floods


“Is Bangalore the last city with a toxic corporate culture?” asked the internet user.

Although it’s not uncommon to find people working on their laptops in cafes, flooding in Bangalore recently forced a man to carry his laptop to a cafe.

Twitter user Sanket Sahu shared a photo of a man who worked in a cafe in Bangalore, where he had set up his desk on a table. In the caption, Mr Sahu claimed that a group was working from ‘Third Wave Coffee’ with a ‘full office setup’ because their offices had been flooded.

“I just saw a group working from Third Wave Coffee with ‘full office setup’ because their offices are flooded,” the Twitter user wrote while sharing the photo on Sept. 7.

Take a look below:

Since being shared, the image has sparked fun on social media. “It would have been understandable if the monitor was used as an external display with a laptop. But damn it figured it all out,” one user wrote. “legitimate ride or die situation,” said another.

Some netizens even pointed to the deeper problem of the toxic “turmoil culture.” “This is really bad. Is Bangalore the last city with a toxic corporate culture?” said one user. “I don’t think we should romanticize this. It’s really sad,” another commented.

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Meanwhile, no one was spared from the floods in Bengaluru last week, not the poor living in their huts or the wealthy CEOs living in their opulent houses. The congestion has led to traffic jams and disruptions in the lives of residents in several parts of the city. In many places, the basements of shops and apartments were also flooded.

The Bengaluru civic body was accused of being unprepared when heavy rains triggered floods in the IT city, nearly drowning apartments and villas, some costing up to several crores each.

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