An esports company will invest 100 million pesos in PHL

Ampverse’s Filipino esports team, Minana. —Ampverse/Facebook

Ampversea Singapore-based esports and Web3 company, will invest more than 100 million pesos when expanding into the Philippines, its fifth largest market.

“We love how social Filipinos are and their passion for gaming,” said Ampverse CEO Ferdinand M. Gutierrez (Filipino himself). “There is so much talent around the game in the Philippines.”

The company will focus on four pillars: esports (specifically mobile games), talent, commerce, and Web3 (a decentralized version of the Internet).

“We think we can take advantage of the fact that we have great gaming and esports talents, and translate that into the space of playing and winning and playing to win,” he said, adding that one of the players from the Ampverse team is about to compete in the equivalent of the world championships for Axie Infinity, a game to be won.

To coincide with its entry into the Philippines, Ampverse has signed an all-Filipino amateur esports team to Mobile Legends, a popular Southeast Asian (SEA) gaming game. The team, which has 11 consecutive championships under its belt, will play under a new brand, Minana, which means legacy.

Ampverse intends to make Minana a lifestyle and gaming brand.

“When we saw that this team had so much promise, winning league after league… we said, ‘Why not get a place and try to get them into the professional league?’ This is our vision: to take the best amateur team that we could find to compete in the professional league,” Gutierrez said.

“We believe in the core game,” he continued, adding that Ampverse will spend “a lot of time” nurturing new talent to continue the tradition of winning. “Our plan is to have development teams in each SEA market.”

Julius “Banoobs” Mariano, the “godfather of esports and gaming in the Philippines”, has been named head of regional expansion for Ampverse. A streamer with more than 100,000 subscribers, Mr. Mariano previously worked as the Philippines country manager for Twitch, an Amazon-owned live video streaming service platform.

Ampverse will launch in Indonesia later this year. Founded in 2019, it has offices in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and India.

According to the consulting firm Intelligence of Mordor, Asia-Pacific is the largest and fastest growing market for esports. Worldwide, the esports market is expected to register a compound annual growth rate of 20% during the forecast period from 2021 to 2026. — Patricia B. Mirasol


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