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New Delhi [India], Aug 23 (ANI / ThePRTree): Next Generation Hyperlocal Marketplace Launches First Type of Service in Gurugram. It allows customers to book services in their nearby point of sale, to consult their offers, to consult the digital catalog with a scan of a QR Code in one go. Gobo is a hyperlocal smart retail solution for retailers. Omnichannel retailer presence both online and offline. Gobo will connect consumers with merchants, create a digital presence, list deals, schedule slots reservations, and CRM enabled with Smart QR across the ecosystem.

As start-ups around the world develop one or the other solution to get customers to buy online, Ajay Sohanvi – Founder of Gobo has thought differently and wants to help small retailers and traders hit hard by this pandemic, He thought of reversing the situation and creating an ecosystem that ultimately leads customers to the stores. With more than 23 years of experience in the service sector, spread in telecommunications and hospitality with large national and international organizations in the supply chain.

Asked by Sohanvi on why the startup was starting, he said – “The zeal to be a startup, boiled over during Covid – a new normal, has disrupted our physical connection with the retailer and the consumer and everyone else’s. is focused on “online.” What about offline. retail? It got me thinking about our offline retail, customer experience and demand aggregation and supply with ease of technology. ”The benefits to consumers would be the range of services and ease of booking services offered on the hyperlocal format at a convenient time within the applied demographics. Ajay recently integrated its ex-colleague and friend Samil Malhotra who is a former serviceman, an officer in the armored corps of the Indian army, having over 35 years of experience in various startups and media houses.

Gobo is currently active in over 140 categories across multiple categories in Delhi / RCN region only. This story is provided by ThePRTree. ANI will not be responsible for the content of this article in any way. (ANI / ThePRTree)

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