Amazon unveils ‘Black Friday-worthy’ offers starting Monday to boost holiday shopping


There are over 80 days until Christmas and over 50 until Thanksgiving, but Amazon kicks off the holiday season on Monday. Specifically, the online giant is triggering holiday shopping by launching Black Friday deals.

Amazon announced that its “Black Friday-worthy” offers will begin on its website on Monday 53 days before the real unofficial shopping holiday of the year.

“We’re excited to help customers secure great vacation deals even earlier this year, including thousands of small business products,” said Amazon Global Consumer CEO at Amazon Dave Clark in a communicated. “Customers can shop with confidence early knowing they’re getting amazing deals starting today, giving them a head start on their vacation to-do lists so that they can ‘they can really enjoy the holiday season. And I want to thank our amazing team across the world for all they do every day to support each other and our customers. I couldn’t be more proud to work with all of you.

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Many retailers are suggesting people start their holiday shopping early this season due to supply chain issues. Amazon is no different, offering discounts on almost every category of product offered by the online shopping giant.

Amazon has unveiled its largest selection of gift guides, which includes gift guides for toys, home, fashion, and electronics.

Amazon also announced that it is streamlining the gift giving process by Now offers a new holiday gift list for customers to share gift ideas with family and friends. Prime members in the US using Amazon’s mobile shopping app can now send gifts with just an email or cell phone number and don’t need the recipient’s address.

Customers can find the deals starting Monday at, on the Amazon mobile shopping app, or by simply asking “Alexa, what are my deals?” To view the selection of gift guides and prepare for the holidays, customers can visit or

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