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A historic development of KL which deserves to be invested by Sabahans

Posted on: Friday, December 24, 2021

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Conlay is located in the heart of downtown Kuala Lumpur and deserves to be invested by Sabahans.

Kota Kinabalu: All signs are on the wall for the Sabahans to decide on the best investment strategy for their future as the world continues its fight against deadly virus strains. As the economy has been hit hard by the ongoing global pandemic, the situation calls for decisions from anyone who values ​​every value of where they invest their money. For those looking to invest in real estate, Conlay, an upcoming historic development in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, stands out as a project worth considering.

Developed by Eastern & Oriental Berhad and Mitsui Fudosan Group, this imposing marvel of modern architecture (Photo) is a work of art. This is not surprising as it is designed by world famous architects Kerry Hill, the visionaries behind some of the iconic landmarks such as the Aman series of complexes in Tokyo, Shanghai and Delhi. “Good architecture speaks to the senses, it cannot rely on the image alone,” reads the project brochure, which simply sums up Conlay’s heart and soul in one sentence. One of the key factors to consider is location, location, location which Conlay can claim to be one of the best. It is located directly across from the next Conlay MRT station which connects to most of Kuala Lumpur’s must-see places via the city’s main transport hubs. It is also only minutes away from landmarks such as the Petronas Twin Tower, the Pavilion Mall and the Tun Razak Exchange central business district. Basically, Conlay is the best real estate that a Sabahan investor can own, in terms of location, in the international city of Kuala Lumpur. While a perfect location is important, a home, people often say, is where the heart is. Conlay offers 491 serviced apartments in a 52-story tower that is slated for completion in 2024.


Each unit is not just another living space in the sky overlooking the city for miles. It is exquisitely designed by Eastern & Oriental Berhad and Mitsui Fudosan Group, the former a leading real estate developer in Malaysia and the latter, the largest developer in Japan, with the aim of making life a magical experience. “Minimal, but magical. Subtle, yet sophisticated. Sober, yet extraordinary on so many levels, the buildings designed by Kerry Hill Architects offer layer upon layer of experiences, creating an ever-changing relationship between a structure and its occupants, ”reads a later brochure that captures the mind of it all. Conlay offers several configurations, from 1-bedroom units starting at 743 square feet to 2 + 1-bedroom units up to 1,335 square feet, with each unit fitted with contemporary appointments and space-saving features. Another unique offering that investors might want to consider is the beauty of Conlay that they don’t ‘actually see’. “It does not come so much from its panoply of details – which are numerous – but more from the restraint with which it is applied”, guarantees the genius behind the development while adding that at Conlay, one would marvel in every corner. But maybe in the current economic climate, what any Sabahan investor would want most is the best value for their hard earned income. Conlay, with its perfect location and stunning architectural design, might very well be the best choice.


Investors who seal the deal for the property by the end of this month will receive incentives under the 2020-2021 Home Ownership Campaign (HOC), such as a 10% discount , the stamp duty for the technical inspection and the waiver of the loan contract as well as the fully furnished package. The project is currently on display at the KK One Stop Property Center on lots BG-13A & 15, ground floor, block B, avenue Sutera, Sembulan. Investors can also contact the sales hotline on 016 559 5168.
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