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While making a recipe from start to finish can be an act of self-care and loving service to those in your life, you can still aspire to recoup some of that time for yourself (cooking can be nourishing. and effective too). And if so, there is so plenty of cookware for easy cooking that must be on your radar, from air fryers and egg cookers to meatball shapers (oh wait).

To help you spend less time cooking and more time eating, we’ve scoured the internet for the most convenient devices to help you reduce the time it takes to prepare dinner. No matter how many people you’re cooking for, these eight gadgets and gadgets will help you stress less while you cook vegetables, meats, eggs, and more to perfection.


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8 kitchen utensils for easy cooking in half the time

Dash 7-Egg Everyday Egg Cooker – $ 18.00

Someone gave me this egg cooker in college, and to this day it’s still the best gift I’ve ever received. If you love hard-boiled eggs as a salad or snack, but don’t have the patience to cook them (rather keep them) on the stovetop, prepare for your life to change. This little guy delivers perfectly cooked eggs in ten minutes or less, and you can make the eggs more or less runny depending on how long you leave them on the stove. Just place them on the stove, set a timer, and it will ring when the eggs are ready.

Cuisinart TOA-28 AirFryer Compact Toaster Oven – $ 160.00

The humble toaster oven is a low-key kitchen tool that secretly excels at multitasking. This model heats up to 450 degrees and has a built-in air fryer that lets you cook a three-pound turkey and toast up to four slices of bread at a time. Plus, the compact shape of this machine means it fits easily into your kitchen, even if you’re short on counter space.

Nordic Ware Meatball Grill – $ 28.00

It might seem like an unconventional choice for this list, but listen to me carefully: Grilling meatballs offers endless cooking possibilities. Yes, they’re great for shaping and baking your meatballs, but you can also use them to make turkey meatballs, vegetarian meatballs, stuffed mushrooms, and basically anything you can roll into a round shape. Plus, you don’t have to spend a lot of time rolling the balls yourself; this tray essentially does it for you.

Ninja Foodi Smart 6-in-1 XL with Thermometer – $ 200.00

So you want corn on the cob, but don’t want to spend an hour trying to figure out how to light an outdoor grill? Understandable. This indoor version of the essential kitchen tool cuts down on the wait time so you can enjoy that toasted flavor and texture without wasting time.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links can earn a Well + Good commission.


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