5 things manufacturers wish for this holiday season


Between getting ready for the end of the year at work and preparing for the celebrations at home, the holidays can be a particularly stressful time for manufacturers.

Here are some priorities that could make the holiday season and the year ahead a little brighter and much more successful for the manufacturing industry.

1. Qualified talent

According to Deloitte, the skills gap could leave around 2.4 million jobs vacant between 2018 and 2028. Unfortunately, the problem appears to worsen over the next two years many of these jobs take longer to fill.

Manufacturers would love to find a supply of skilled workers wrapped in a bow this holiday season. Instead of waiting for the best talent to come to them, manufacturers should be proactive in filling the talent gap – both within their own companies by connecting with young workers and within the industry in its own right. together.

While each manufacturing company has different needs, there is a general recommended plan for developing talent in the industry:

    1. Identify your talent shortages and long-term recruiting needs
    2. Develop relationships with other manufacturers to see which initiatives are already in use
    3. Create a talent development system (i.e. internal training, internships and apprenticeships)

The millennial generation numbers over 77 million people. With the right training programs and recruiting efforts in place, this generation can help usher in a new era in manufacturing.

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2. Stronger relationships with B2B buyers

While many purchasing organizations insist on doing business on their terms, for manufacturers, it is important to focus on building strong relationships.

At Thomasnet.com, we help manufacturers do just that by enabling them to be found and reviewed by serious buyers. In fact, the relationships initiated on our platform have led to some great partnerships: there are over 1.3 million B2B buyers, purchasing managers and MROs looking for new suppliers every day! This is something that can make any manufacturer happier.

“We started our internet marketing with Thomasnet.com at the suggestion of our biggest customer, Boeing. They assured me that Thomasnet.com was where their engineers first went to find supplier information. Our sales have grown exponentially compared to the increase in our advertising budget, ”said an executive from Tiodize, a leader in aluminum anodizing.

“Because we manufacture and sell specialty coatings and composites, we are always looking for ways to be in front of decision makers when they need our products. Thomasnet.com is an effective and efficient way for us to do this. We have added more customers every year and at the same time increased our sales per customer. “

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Along with getting a free list on Thomasnet.com to engage with B2B buyers, here are our top tips for building a better relationship with your audience:

  • Respond to inquiries within 24 hours: Responding to inquiries in a timely manner is one of the most important ways to become a top supplier. If you currently don’t have an organized system for handling requests, it’s time to get one. If you don’t follow up on a lead quickly, you run the risk of another vendor stepping in and stealing that lead.
  • Leverage technology with customer needs: Speaking of systems, it’s a good idea to take advantage of technologies to meet the diverse business needs of your customers. Consider a robust and customizable ERP system so that you can meet the needs of your customers. Do not fall victim to these pitfalls of industrial companies.

3. More connected devices in the workshop

Of course, many people have televisions and computers high on their vacation wishlists, and others may hope for a robotic lawn mower. But for manufacturers, the most popular tech giveaways come from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

This new technology ushers in a new era of manufacturing, also known as Industry 4.0, which has the potential to transform the entire field of manufacturing.

Having the latest IIoT technology can help manufacturers collect more data for their businesses to run more efficiently and profitably, and no store wants to be left behind. However, before adopting IIoT, it’s important to remove any obstacles that might get in your way.

4. Timely Guaranteed Shipments

Having a holiday gift arriving late can ruin your vacation. But an inbound shipment or a delayed outbound order? It can ruin your business … better known as a supply chain disruption.

Supply chain disruption can result in just about any major failure in production or distribution in a supply chain, like a fire in a workshop, or even the failure of one of your machines. This type of disruption can leave your business vulnerable and result in high costs.

With the stakes this high, having the right suppliers and shipping partners is essential. Integrating local suppliers into your own supply chain could help reduce the risk of supply chain disruption and lower supply chain costs while also benefiting the environment. Here are four more ways local sourcing can benefit your business.

5. A little appreciation

Ultimately (and at the end of the year) one of the best gifts you can receive is a thank you for a job well done. But a thank you will not come without customer delight.

Too often manufacturers offer a great product and / or service, which is great, but customer satisfaction goes beyond that. So how can you integrate better communication with your customers while providing great service? Here are three ways to delight your customer:

  1. Do the unexpected
  2. Be a good listener
  3. Personalize your efforts

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AT Thomasnet.com, we want to take this time to thank the manufacturers for everything they are doing. It is policymakers, producers and innovators who keep the economy going. And often, it’s the people behind the toys and gifts that make us smile on vacation and make our daily lives more productive.

Remember, we’re here to help your business grow throughout the year. We’re offering a free digital health check to gauge your online presence against your competition and give you a head start on your new marketing plan for 2022.

Thank you for everything you do and Happy Holidays from Thomas’s team!

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